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Bitchy Resting Face


Do you know anyone like this? And assholeresting face. i've been puzzling over this for awhile wondering if i'm the only one who notices this shit lul


I actually have resting asshole face. When I'm daydreaming/thinking about stuff I look kinda pissed off and sad.

People are alway like "cheer up" to me and it pisses me off because I'm perfectly happy. Then them repeatedly asking me what's wrong pisses me off so I tell them to fuck off and they're like "ooh see I knew you were pissed off!"


I can't win.


oh yeah


Maybe you should smile more. That would take care of bitchy resting face and Asshole Face.


Lol! I know a few people that do this, I sometimes do it on occasion and people think I am being moppy for nothing.


I'm not going to walk round with a vacant, weirdo smile all the time. I'd look like a sex offender


No, you'd look like a sociopath with a god complex


Just curl the outside of your mouth. It takes more muscles to make a smile. Think of it as a workout for your face.

Turn that frown upside down... lol.

Sorry, I have asshole typing fingers.


OP has a bitch face?

Cured by a firm pimp slap to the face.


don't get me excited


Am I the only one who saw this thread and immediately thought "Hey, I wanna see theBeth's asshole AND her face"?


I want to see her Resting Arsehole Face...and her face resting on her arsehole...and maybe someone else's face resting on her arsehole...or her face resting on some other unknown arsehole...or even just two arseholes together, pooping back and forth in perfect unison.



I prefer Dilated Asshole and Pupils Face.


I prefer Squealing Arsehole and Inconceivable Horror Face.


I do make a concious effort to relax my face when in public as I tend to scowl a bit from the sun shining in my face.

They should do another video with that petulant hint of a scowl some gay guys make that make it look like they're annoyed that the place where they are isn't Paris or Milan. Sort of like their eyes are in a constant state of rolling even though they don't actually roll.


Rather sounds like you have a bit of experience.


Sounds like a good time. I'm in


With what?


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for what?