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Bitching Back and Forth Forum


Seems like we can't even one page of posts before we swerve off topic and start bashing each other. This is why people make fun of T-Nation. It's why guys just leave and don't come back.

Example: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/arnold_amateur_competition

When shit like this happens we need to have the guilty parties move their shit talking to another thread so the original thread can continue without interruption.

That is all.


those sorts of threads pop up from time to time and always seem to involve the same few members and revolve around the same topic lol

It'll end soon enough and things will be back to normal. They should just revive that "I hate Professor X" thread and keep that thing current.


Damnit. I thought this was going to be thread where we could openly bitch back and forth.

I am disappoint.


It IS about bitching back and forth. Maybe if you took the time to actually read the OPs statement before attacking him you would have seen that.


Hey fatass, your personal attacks aren't necessary.


Who said anything about Prof X? ; )
But yea, you're right.


And here I thought this was some parody thread about that song by Will Smith's daughter, "I whip my hair back and forth"


Bite me.

I wasn't even talking to you. I'm sure Ink is more than capable of defending himself without you flying to his rescue.

Now why don't you go to the Vixen thread and post some pictures of that rack while the adults talk.


Those threads are half the fun of T-Nation.


that song may or may not be part of my workout playlist... just sayin


I have to respectfully disagree... they are at least 3/4's of the fun of T-Nation


Ink couldn't defend himself with a shark, a light saber, and a gallon of Charlie Sheen's blood.



I've just learned a valuable lesson about arguing with an atty. I guess this means PMPM is winning.


No one can handle a gallon of that man blood. Smelling that shit knocked me out.


Why the apostrophe plus "s"? The term "3/4" is pronounced "three fourths", so you just said these are "three fourths's" of the fun of T-Nation. Retard.


Look who's talking. The correct pronunciation is "retart".

Ptts, newbs.


I believe the word you are looking for is "retarT" as in retarted.

Yes!! Down, but not out. High fives!!!!


fuck you Lanky!!!


Interesting that you corrected my spelling while saying you were correcting my pronunciation.


Fixed it for you