Bitch, Please!

I’m going to attempt to keep a training log here again. Not going to make any promises about keeping it up to date. But there will likely be an abundance of lolcats.

I’ve got a meet coming up in July. Planning on going rawdawg (belt and wraps). Will most likely compete as a light 148.

Possibly relevant stats:
ht: 5’3
wt: 135-140lbs
squat: 245
bench: 135
deadlift: 245
fav color: zebra print

I follow a block periodization set up and I’m in my final week of an accumulation block (lower percentages, higher volume). My man has been writing my training for a while now and things have been going really well.

This is what I did today:

bench (paused)

db ohp

db curl

leaning laterals

rear delt machine

tri pushdown

Its about time to go up on curls. Everything else felt good. Stronghold said the bar speed on bench looked good.

fuck yeah!
first post. :slight_smile:

edit: looking forward to read about your comp preperation - nice to see someone else lifting r.a.w

and jelly of the squat numbers.


And pics, we want pics!!!

Yay! Glad you decided to keep a log here (again) BG!

Looking forward to following along.

Also looking forward to more lolcats!

I’m really glad you’re starting a log, in case you couldn’t tell from that.

Yay!! I’ll be following along

I like how zebra print is possible relevant stat.

Can’t wait to follow your training for your July meet.

Frenchie- I might be competing raw, but I’m still a gearwhore at heart. I’ll be wearing wraps for the comp which isn’t technically raw in most feds. But whateva whateva. I do what I want.

And squat seems to be my lift. Things have really progressed on that front over the last 9 months or so. Deadlift is my nemesis. Chronic lower back pain and some hammie issues have prevented me from training it consistently.

Deb- Thanks for following along :slight_smile: Pics to come.

Veggie- :slight_smile: I have a few lolcats that I’ve been wanting to post but haven’t found the right situation. Now I can just post them here. Even if they are totally irrelevant.

Vikki- good to see you here! thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

Nikki- Gots to be fashionable when I lift too…

By the way I saw your progress pic in the t-cell and you look outstanding!

I thought this was going to be a “how to streamline your pimp game” thread.

And here are my new shorts. It seemed like the entire gym was staring at my butt when I wore my normal black shorts to the gym the other day. I figured if they’re going to stare, I might as well give them something interesting to look at. I don’t personally think my booty is deserving of that much attention, but the shorts sure are.

Those shorts are AWESOME! Butt, hammies, quads…all nomalicious. Very worthy of much attention.

I quite. simply. love. these shorts, and may be searching the internet for a similar pair as we speak.

[quote]arachne12 wrote:
I quite. simply. love. these shorts, and may be searching the internet for a similar pair as we speak.[/quote]
Thanks ladies!

Soffe compression shorts from Dick’s. $15. Here’s a link to some similar ones.

I’m also fond of the reebok volleyball shorts. Pink zebra print, green leopard, fruit, abstract patterns. Crazy stuff.

Deb- About the back, thanks. I came across that old avi and couldn’t believe the difference. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t made any progress over the years and then I see old pics like that and can’t believe how skinny and not muscular I was.

Rock- I just have to frequently fight the urge to say something like that to some of the guys at the gym. So I thought it was an appropriate log title.

[quote]buckeye girl wrote:

Rock- I just have to frequently fight the urge to say something like that to some of the guys at the gym. So I thought it was an appropriate log title.[/quote]

Who are you kidding? If I’m not around, nothing stops you from saying whatever you feel like to them. :slight_smile:

I was really happy with the link to the shorts but no cool styles for guys haha

You have made some great progress over the years. title is awesome also

fuck your calves.

BIG fan of the shorts.

A fan of the shorts too! Do they ride up? I find the shorty shorts have a tendency to do that. I got some shorty short compression things by under armour and they wind up as a thong after a rep or two.

I’m here for the shorts and sass.

And occasional lolcats.


[quote]CBear84 wrote:
fuck your calves.

BIG fan of the shorts. [/quote]

Calvessss! Got some new shoes the other day too. Have an event in a few weeks and I was determined to not buy anything new to wear for it. And then I saw these babies at Nine West. For 40% off. 99% sure they’re going back but I had to snap a pic of them at least.

The shorts do tend to ride up, but on certain leg workouts I have to wear shorts b/c of the wraps. I like the compression style best. They just kinda roll up near my hip crease and then don’t budge for the rest of the workout. Not pretty, but they don’t bother me so its not my problem. Running shorts look like saggy diapers, and cotton shorts ride up on me but are loose. I really liked Lululemon’s running shorts when I went to one of their stores, but they haven’t had my size in the colors I wanted.

SH, who are YOU kidding? I still say what I want. Just to you. About them. Loudly.

Hi Kalle and Ponce!