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Bisping vs. Silva - Off



I was really wanting to see Bisping KOd again. Too bad. I wonder who else they could put in there with him?

Akiyama? Should be a decent draw overseas.
Cote? Is he hurt? Might provide another KO of Bisping.

Maybe this should Pat Miletich's fist fight back. He fancies himself a striker.


Damn..I didn't even know about this......and what kind of surgery did Silva have??


That limey cunt. He saw what happened to Jardine.


Neither did I, and yeah what surgery? I really dislike Bisping he's overrated and I hope he gets KO'd again.


Apparently Wandy had some scar tissue removed from around his eyes, but it would appear that his surgeon wanted to give him a face lift as well. That's what it looks like anyway. See for yourselves the wierdness.


I heard, but haven't confirmed so take it for what it's worth, that Cote reinjured his knee. As much as I dislike Bisping and would like to see it, I'm not so sure Cote would beat him anyway, much less KO him.

There is no shortage of guys at middleweight that could hand Bisping his ass so it shouldn't be a problem finding someone. That is if Dana gives him real opponents instead of trying to protect the image of his UK poster boy. I expect the latter.


I would like to see Palhares or Baroni if he'll fight up.


Well if Dan Hardy and some of the other British guys start gaining fans then I think we'll see White throwing Bisbing to the wolves. Never entirely though, as this would make his organization look bad.


Baroni would get tooled man. I like him, but you know...


I how about vitor vs bisbing (my prediction is Vitor by way of murder), or vitor vs silva. I like both of those matches.


Vitor is fighting Franklin at UFC 103. I wonder what weight it will be at though. Speaking of which, I guess Franklin has to move back down to MW since A. Silva is moving up to LHW.


Silva is going permanently to LHW?


That was the last thing I've heard anyway. It is supposed to be the most likely scenario at least.

Edit: Alright, apparently the Yahoo Sports article that claimed White and Soares (Silva's manager) agreed that Silva would give up his belt to fight exclusively at LHW was false, at least according to an ESPN counter article.

So that was just bad reporting on my part there. The last thing I had read was the Yahoo article.


I think A.Silva is gonna give up the belt and Franklin is gonna hold on to it.


Will he vacate the MW title, and there be an interim fight between, say, Vitor and Marquardt to determine the new champ?


I edited my post above with this info, but basically the article that was claiming he would vacate his belt and go for the LHW belt was false according to subsequent reports.

Who would have thought Yahoo Sports was not a reliable news source? They fooled me anyway.


No harm no foul.


The Franklin v Belfort fight is at a catch weight of 195.


Sucks for Franklin I think he would beat Hendo in a five rounder.


It says on that website that Denis Kang is likely going to be Bisping's oponent.