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This would be the greatest fight of all time... In terms of pure entertainment value.


Indeed, would love to see it. It'd serve as a great punishment for Spitbing anyways, no need for suspensions or fines. If his face doesn't look like ground meat after the fight it'd be about as surprising and disapointing as that triangle by Silva was. Make it happen Joe Silva!


Can we please see Silva vs Bisping.


How about anyone good vs Bisping?


I'd like to see a Hendo/Bisping rematch, just 'cause it was awesome to watch one guy run around the ring unloading nothing but overhand rights while the other guy backpeddled and had no idea how to not eventually get decapitated by it.


Oh that would be sweet wouldn't it? Gee, I wonder why Bisping hasn't been clamoring for a rematch with Hendo? One would think that someone with so much pride would want to even the score. Most top level guys want another shot at a guy who beat them. I guess Bisping isn't as stupid as he is arrogant.


I second ZEB's anyone good vs Bisbing I am on record elsewhere saying I think they should be opposing coaches on TUF. Honestly, with Bisbing's abrasive ego, and Sonnen's tenuous grasp on reality (see the whole Lance Armstrong WTF) it would be a gross mis-management of resources not to put the two on the reality show.


I would feel sorry for the fighters of either team.


Rivera made Bisping so emotional he freaked out whenever he saw him. Rivera's trash talk was kindergarten stuff compared to what will be unleashed if they make this match.

Sonnen will make Bisping lose his mind.

This fight must happen.




Bisping will be on his back for 3 rounds. You can hate Sonnen for the trash talk but he definitely backs it up and brings the fight.


Sonnen and Bisping, TUF.


i think im the only one who likes bisping. a champion.


i don't like Bisping, but i'll admit in his fight with Kang, he worked his ass off. hip escapes for damn near 5 minutes .....


You and all of the United Kingdom.

I respect him. I think he is a good fighter. I also think he is no where near as good as he thinks he is. Watching him after his fight with Hamill really soured me. Of course, if Hamill wasn't such a likeable character I may have seen it different.


No. You didn't see that fight differently at all. Hamill OWNED Bisping in that fight, and was literally robbed of the 'W'. The fact that Bisping acted and continues to act like he outright won that fight is what soured me to him. Good fighter, but I just don't respect him.

I don't see Bisping putting up much offense against Sonnen, either. Hell...it'd be akin to prison-rape with Bisping dropping the soap.


Now THERE'S a pay-per-view that would sell.


Ugh...what the hell...I'd buy it.


This x2