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Bisping Rivera Vid lulz


Guess they pissed him off.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Its so funny because its so damn true. Reminds me of a certain British boxer who I also hate... Somebody give me a name for 10 e-points.


Usman Ahmed? guy danced into the ring and in the ring then got KO'd in the first


Not the one I was thinking of but that's a funny comparison too.

I was thinking of "THE BOXING GREAT" Joe Calzaghe. Or as I liked to call him Calslappy! Hahahaha Another dancing feather puncher who stole many a fight from many a better boxer.

He even LOOKS like Bisping! They share the same slap style as well.


Rivera is such a dork. He's about as funny as cancer.


You can't be serious, those were hilarious.


not that funny, bisping will win


Hopefully, not how he "won" against Matt Hamill, what a joke.


Yea, that still pisses me off. If Pissbing died in the ring I wouldn't blink an eye.


oops, i guess i was right, and what about bisping not being able to finish a fight with his hands??? maybe next time he wont talk shit


Yeah, don't forget the blatant illegal knee, Rivera's lucky he didn't get more concussed than he (probably) was.


pissking won a controversial fight, who would have thought that possible? Still probably not the best strategy on Riviera's part to see how much you can piss off your opponent.


Ahh...Bisping is babied by UFC to keep UK fan base.....give him a title shot already. Silva needs a challenge [sarcasm]


bisping is not a great fighter, will he ever be champion? most likely not... but to say rivera is a worthy opponent is a joke, and he showed how respectful of a fighter he is in the build up to this fight...


bisping is well rounded and overall is a good fighter... if he got lucky (top competitors taking him for granted) then he could prolli win a title... but it won't be a long reign with it...

rivera was a joke of an opponent and bisping basically showed that (although the knee was pretty blatant)... either way bisping would've won knee or not...

im just upset at Penn... i was a Penn fan but the guy never fights with any heart... its exactly wat the announcer quoted "hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work"... penn has all the talent but none of the drive to be a champion... i felt like near the end of his reign he just didn't wanna do it anymore... after his 2nd fight with edgar i thought he'd come back stronger, better, faster... but he looked like the same Penn... Fitch deserved to win... Fitch whooped Penn's ass 2 of the 3 rounds...