Bis/tris compound vs iso for balance

I understand that you should try to match every pushing movement for chest with a pulling movement for back. But since a lot of the triceps movements are compound pushing movements that also work chest (eg close grip bench press, dips, California press) should you also do compound pulling movements that also work primarily the biceps?
If so what are some compound movements for biceps would reverse (supine) grip chins and reverse (supine) grip bent over rows suffice?
It just seems weird that people like poliquin say to match push for pull but on arms day match close grip benches and dips with incline curls or some other isolation movement.
What is the reason why someone like poliquin would do that?

I’ve done staggered sets for arms with compound pulling movements. The problem is alot of the arm involvement in pull-ups and rows comes from the long head of the triceps though. The only way I was able to get good bicep stimulation off compound movements was to use close/med grip chins in the second pairing (after a more isolating bicep movement).