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Bi's - Question From an Article


First things first. I’m new here. I’m 42, a former Division I hockey player, and was seriously out of shape by the time I hit 40! I started taking responsibility for by body again about a year and a half ago. Eating right and working out consistently. OK 'nuff of that.

I read in one of the coach’s articles here about strengthening core muscles to allow for a better “pillar” to support heavier bicep workout weights. While all of that makes sense to me, couldn’t the heavier weights also be accomplished by simply working isolation exercises that provide support (like preacher curls)?



Articles are great but have to be taken with a grain of salt. Preacher curls will work core muscles as will most lifting exercises. We always tighten the core when we lift.

I know lots of lifters who never do isolation work on the core. I do but I train for inline speed skating and need the core stability. All depends what you’re after.

Thanks, streamline. I hear you. There are tons of opinions out there. I’ve seen some new and innovative thoughts here, so it’s worth asking.

For the record, I don’t do a lot of isolation exercises either, but I’m a former elite ice-hockey player. Translate that as HUGE legs and a smaller upper body. I’ve been working on my chest, back, and arms for over a year now.

I’ve effectively maintained (maybe a slight growth) in size, but have reduced my body fat level by about 15%. I’ve never had larger that average upper body muscles and that’s definitely a goal of mine.

Thanks for the thoughts.


I would be very interested in hear what you did for leg workouts during your career. I have taken up inline speed skating, ultra distance. I could use some incite on leg workouts for skaters.