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Birthers Making a Comeback?



Don't know if I believe he is not a U.S born citizen but its good to see that the courts may finally be tackling this issue.


Courts should stay out of it and the issue needs to go away. It is a political issue, not a legal one.

And it isn't really a political issue either - but it certainly doesn't need to clog up a court's docket.


I disagree, Why not just let it go to the courts and get finished once and for all? the only way this is going to go away is through the courts so lets just get this finished.


Who can sue? And on what basis? What is your injury?

Even if a court entertained the issue and actually found Obama was not born in America, what is the remedy? Is a court somehow, some way going to remove the president?

Courts wouldn't settle any of this, even if this nonsense were actually true.


Someone has produced evidence that the president is not who he says he is. This is a reason to get the courts involved. What the courts could do is force Obama to provide his birth certificate.

Now before I answer the other question let me repeat one more time that you and I most likely have the same views on birthers.

Now lets say that they found out he was not born here in the united states. Do you think the military would not intervene? You think the American people would not intervene?

So while I do think it is a silly argument I do think they have every right to have it heard. No injury here just willing to give everyone the chance to prove their points.


Oh wonderful, now the media will be able to focus the bulk of it's attention on a non-issue that'll turn out to be groundless. When the time is right and he produces the document, it'll be all of us on the right with egg on our face. The left will be all too happy to act as if we all supported this nonsense.


I never thought of it that way. You do make a good point.


Have you heard the rumor that Glenn Beck may have raped and murdered a young girl in 1990? I really don't know if he did it or not, but there are a lot of unanswered questions.

It's interesting that Beck has never addressed this question, and won't release his police records, or a document that certifies his innocence. He seems to be ducking the whole issue. So the questions will continue to swirl. Interesting that somebody is trying to censor the official website... are they trying to cover something up?



You really are one sick fuck.


Hey, it's not my website. I just think some of these questions would be answered if Beck would come forward with his documentation.


You sure are a dumb one. How you can see any similarities between what beck is doing and this is mind blowing.


From a strictly logical point of view those two assertions are actually not the same.

One is providing proof for something that happened, the other one would mean to prove a negative, i.e. that something did not happen.


Logic Alert! Logic Alert! Logic Alert!





For people supposedly against government bloat, you all sure have a hard-on for wasting my tax money on frivolous lawsuits.


i am with you on this. I dont think that this is a fruitful avenue to pursue either. But there are several people that can sue based on injury. Essentially all of the candidates of 2008 can sue based on injury. Any active military personnel can also sue because they can be court marshaled for following an order by someone that cannot legally be the president.

when ever i get into an argument with a birther, I always get stuck on one thing. Why would someone spend almost a million dollars not producing a document that would have only cost $10 to produce. I would love to come up with a counter argument to that, but I have not been able to thus far. Maybe the answer is that he never spent a dime either way. I dont know for sure. The birth cert issue is a distraction, and the obamaites have done a very good job of using this small niche to discredit the entire 912 and tea party movements. The sooner the 912 and tea party people can put this to rest the better.


Personally I think this whole Birther thing is just bullshit. I mean give it a rest already.


Can we all please let this one go?



either you right wingers are really that bat shit crazy to push these things, or your being played masterfully by a mole of sorts in the right wing.

even if it did end up that he is not a us citizen wouldn't he be guilty of fraud at that point? And by an even smaller chance if hes jailed for it. That means pasty ass Biden is now the president, but i guess proving this witch hunt correct is more important than worrying about whose leading this country.