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'Birthers.' It Ain't Over, I'm Sure


Well...the White House released the long form of President Obama's birth Certificate.

Do I for one instant think it's "over"? Not a chance.

I'm sure the confirming of signatures, persons involved, and overall authenticity is in full force about now.

And the inevitable...many still won't be convinced.

And so it goes...



I wonder what Trump will use as a platform now...???


Lol, there is no way in hell he would ever be impeached over this, it doesn't even make sense to harp on it. He's done so much wrong in the last 2 years, focusing on his birth certificate distracts from how bad of a president he's been.


Obamacare, trade imbalance, foreign policy, taxes, budget.........


Trump is now saying how proud he is to have played such a big part in forcing Obama to release his long form BC. What a fucking clown.


The only reason that this is such a big issue, is because president douchebag made it an issue. Let's say that this newly released certificate is legit; why in the hell would he drag the issue through the mud for so damn long!? Why in the hell wouldn't he have just released the damn thing when McCain issued his!?

There will be conspiracy surrounding this forever now, and the fault for that lays at bam bam's feet. This guy is an epic fail....


I don't think Trump is anything other than a political sideshow either, but I do like the fact that he forced the issue to the forefront.


Well said.


"...The only reason that this is such a big issue, is because president douchebag made it an issue..."

Are you kidding?




Why now? Why did they release it NOW? What did the Donald do to provoke them to do this?



He refused to release the full version. He spent millions defending lawsuits.

Why did he wait till now?

He made it an issue.

Now, lets see if we can get medical and school records released.


The timing of this will be called into question as the 2012 presidential elections gear up. I'm with you, why in the hell is right now a good time for this, he had plenty of time to put this issue to bed; why now?


Some states have been pushing legislation that requires better proof of birth in order to be on the ballot. That may be part of the reason. I still can't figure out why he didn't release his certificate during the campaign though if he had one.


My original point is already being proven.


It makes no sense for him to have not released the full certificate when he had the chance last time. He could have put this to bed well before it became an issue clouded in conspiracy. I was also very sad to see Governor Brewer back down on the issue.


I agree, but I wish it would die. Quite frankly, if I were obama, I would not have released it. It was the one subject that guaranteed opponents opponents looking foolish. Focus on his work, not destroy the man by any means necessary. I dislike his politics, that's what I would focus on, that and his broken promises to the left.


In my humble opinion, the POTUS should be the single most vetted person in the country.

We should have every piece of information on that person made totally public. Birth certificates, ALL school transcripts, parking tickets, fucking netflix cue.

Christ this is the most powerful person on earth......everything should be transparent.

How can anybody argue with that??


EVERYTHING in the POTUS background should be public record. That is what you sign up for, why should there be anything hidden at all?


Disagree completely. Next thing you know we're requiring the same of the VP, S of T, etc. etc. 30 years from now we're requiring all CEOs of big businesses.

There are plenty of powerful people in the world, it's a slippery slope and releasing all private information is not something I'd endorse.