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Birthday Today..

Hey T-People,

29 today… Next year is quite the milestone…

There were times when I didn’t think I’d make it to 25, thanks to my past.

Today - 29, happily married, home owner, father to Callum (the best thing that’s ever happened to me and the wife), have a good job with good people. Everything is good…

6 years ago - I was addicted to Heroin and stealing from my family, I smoked cigarettes and did recreational drugs.

Now I’ve been clean for 6 years, haven’t smoked cigarettes for over five years, don’t do any drugs whatsoever and rarely drink alcohol anymore…

Whilst being an addict I missed training, which was one of the things that motivated me to give up.

Funny how things turn around…

Didn’t know whether to post this or not, but thought I might as well…


Happy birthday and keep on keepin’ on!

Happy birthday, bro… you’ve lived a lifetime already. All the best for the next 29.


I remember some years back, I was at a work lunch at a local mexican restaurant, and one of the ladies there had her 30th birthday. One of the new-hire (early twenties) guys was sitting next to her, and asked her, “So Dana, what happens when you turn 30?” Apparently this guy was serious!

Her dead-pan answer: “You penis falls off.”

We were all just splitting our sides laughing over that one.

So, apparently you have a year to use it before you lose it!

BTW – Happy Birthday!

You’ve come a long way.

When you hit rock bottom, best thing to do is realize that there is no way to go but up. So you set your sights and start climbing. Been there.

Big ups to you and congratulations, Stubob!

For having the focus and the determination to follow your dreams to pull yourself up out of that pit into the sunshine. And for keepin’ on keepin’ on every day.

Way to go, man…

P.S. Turning 30 ain’t that bad, in fact it’s a great reason to celebrate, especially in light of what you’ve been through.

congrats to your success… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your an insperation that people can change… Good luck in future endvors and I sure your continue on w/ your success…

Happy Birthday!

Hey, sometimes you have to learn the hard way. But at least you did something that many people don’t do: You made a positive change for the best.

Good job!

I liked you better when you did drugs :wink:

Congrats, Stubob. One more inspiration to us all and you can never have enough of those, can you?

BTW, I’ll verify that your penis doesn’t fall off when you turn thirty, but your balls get huge, so your dick looks smaller :wink:

Congratulations on your birthday, and for turning your life around.

Good man!

Happy birthday, good to see you’ve made some positive changes.

Congratulations. How did you manage to turn things around? I mean, hell, a lot of us here bitch about carb cravings. Where did you find the strength to kick heroin?

If I were there in person, I’d slap your ass. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dude,

Your story is an inspiration

Happy Birthday Stuuuuuub…

“Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday”

~ Steven Wright

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I was in two minds whether to post that or not…

Doogie - When you’re in that position you have to want to give up. I wanted my life back. I was doing the stuff every six hours just to feel normal (never injected by the way just smoked from the foil).

I had hit rock bottom, the next place was on the streets. I wanted to train and go out with girls again. So I went to my brothers to stay with him for three weeks. I went cold turkey, it was during christmas and it was the hardest thing I’ve done. I didn’t have any substitute at all, as I’d tried to give up that way before and it just increased my habit.

Once I’d got over the first seven days I knew it could only get better. All your emotions come back and you feel guilt, sorrow and regret for all the damage you’ve done. I did do a lot of crying, which I couldn’t control during that time.

After three weeks I was eating normally and completely free of the physical craving for heroin. I then went back to live with my parents. I started an IT course in Bath which is not far from where I live. I was taken there and picked up by my parents. There were two freinds that I had that I was trusted with to go out and that was it.

I started drinking alcohol again and really enjoyed going pubbing, clubbing and going after girls…

When the IT course finished two months later I was drinking mostly every day, a lot of the time during the day. I then went out with freinds had 6 pints of rough cider and drove my friends down the road, I got pulled over by the police and got done for drink driving.

I had replaced heroin with drink. That made me wake up and smell the coffee so to speak. Obviously my parents were very dissapointed with me.

From then I stopped drinking got a job at a supermarket locally whilst going to college to continue studying computing. Met my future wife and started training again.

That was this time in 1997. I gave up heroin December 21st 1996, and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve never had counselling and never wanted to return to what I used to do…

Doogie - even though I’ve done that and given up smoking (which is apparently more addictive that Heroin - I believe Vicodin is most addictive, then nicotin, then heroin - two out of three isn’t bad…haha…) I have major trouble with dieting, I thought I’d be able to do it easily but I hate feeling hungry now…

Well there you go people, I’ve bared my soul…

Thanks again for all the nice posts…

Thanks for sharing that story. Again, congratulations on everything.

Stubob –

You, sir, are an inspiration. I think the world needs to hear your story.