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Birthday surprises

It’s my girl’s birthday on Aug 2. Does anyone have any cool ideas that I could do or use. Thanks. It’s her 18th, so I just want to make it a special one for her. One she’ll never forget!

A vasectomy!

Benny: Do something unexpected…in an unexpected place…that you know will touch her heart…she’ll never forget it…

Put it in her butt!

The sense of romance on this site simply overwhelms me…

Benny…I hope you got my idea…being young, she may not expect you to take her to a nice restaurant (maybe your parent’s or some other adult would be willing to help with the bill?)…where you maybe give her some “corny” gift (A book of love poems or a cute stuffed animal as example) , with a corny card that you know will touch her? (again,just an example)…be creative… if you don’t know, find out from her best friend about something that really touches her…

LMAO!!! MJL, I can’t top that one bro! Hey, I’ve done it before. It’s all good!

Benny, there are many, many things you can do. I’m trying to think of some cool stuff. Okay, she’s 18. How about getting together for a night at a local Bed n’ Breakfast? Those places are the bomb. And there are many other things you can do while you’re there. Go out to dinner. Cook a nice dinner for her. Make her a coupon book of things to redeem (massage, dinner, movie, bubblebath, etc). Make her a home-made card. Be creative. Girls love it when you actually make things and put some time and effort into it. Stuff her car with balloons so when she gets out of work or school, she finds it loaded full with a note attached. Bake her a cake. Plan a surprise b-day party with all her friends.

If you're looking for something less romantic, do something active. Go for a hike. A mountain biking ride for two. Do something that you haven't done. Enjoy a date at a rock-climbing gym. Something like that. Bro, the possiblities are endless. I have a whole notebook of notes and ideas for different things. They work well too! ;)

quick idea, have her day started right, I’ve used proflowers. If you use a radio station as a reference,they throw in a vase. They deliver on the day you specify. I am not a rep, but it worked in the way I wanted it to. I had them delivered to her at work. LOTSA witnesses. You can use any of them that you want, hit related on your toolbar and get a good price.

You must be getting ready since today is the big day. Jump out of a cake naked, and slowly put your clothes back on.