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Birthday. Parents Want to Get Me Something But No Idea, Suggestions?


Hi guys, my parents like to get me something to open on my birthday and I have no idea what I want, I was thinking something to do with weights but not sure what to ask for.



Are Hookers and Blow out of the question?


Got those for Christmas =/


Ivanko bar and a couple hundred kilos of bumper plates


You dirty motherfucker. I was gonna say that. Pretty sure this kid just posted this question on Reddit r/fitness.



How could you do us like this?


No wonder I barely post here anymore.


it was essentially the same question/comment I responded to you with. Unless you're being facetious, in which case, hookers and blow, indeed.


Is it because you haven't added anything to the conversation in like 3 years?


No, smart ass. It's because I was..... HAH! Thought you got me with that one, huh?
I'm onto you Polo! I'M ONTO YOU!


...and here I thought it went over you head. Next time I'll aim a little higher, like, say, 5 feet. That should be enough...


does it have to be fitness related? Because if not, I would go with hookers and blow


on another note, does anybody else just not give a shit about their birthday, and when anybody asks what they want just sort of shrug and say they don't mind?

I haven't asked for something specific for my birthday since my teens. I just kinda thought all adult males were the same but maybe not.


I'm in a similar boat with you. I haven't asked for anything specific for a loooong time. For my 30th, though, my wife threw me a surprise party which was really damn awesome of her.

Normally, in the past 5 or 6 years, aside from my 30th, we generally go out to dinner and I buy myself a nice bottle of whisky. My parents treat us to a dinner and that's about it. No fuss. I could do w/o most of that too, but don't take my whisky.


I bring the kids to the Mall and let them each pick out a gift for my wife, and she's dong the same for me. With the toddler this becomes hilarious. The 18 year old is pretty good at picking nice stuff.

Other than that... Not much really.


A bottle of Laphroaig - age depending on how much they want to spend.


How do we know his favorite drug is coke?

Is there anything you can tell us about yourself that would help us with our suggestions. Do you own a house? Do you have any hobbies? What stage are you at in life? How much money do your parents have?


Fat gripz/fat gripz extreme

voodoo bands

sling shot(blue)


Why don't you ask for some cozy pjs, fuzzy socks, and maybe a candle or some bath salts of something?

Be comfy


you're just so wholesome

I'd love to schmoosh your little face