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Birthday Gift for Wife


My wife has suggested that she would like a razor scooter (not motorized) so she can scoot along with my young sons. I have looking for a scooter (razor?) on-line, but thought I would post for suggestions. Any thoughts on key websites to look for a push scooter?

It sounds a little weird but she would like to scoot along with my sons in the neighborhood!


Forget the scooter and go with one of these imo.


Good call. If you haven't seen the box in a box video you should check that out.


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Y'know, it's funny... but ever since I've been aware of you, whenever I see or hear the word "push", the meaning of the word just ain't the same.



Your wife wants to... scooter around with your sons?

Sure, get her a scooter....

... if you want homosexual children.


Get her a 14" vibrator powered by a car battery and 16 gallons of diesel.


I think it's a great idea. Mom not only showing interest in what the kids like, but participating in it as well.

I still ride a longboard skateboard... which is kind of like a scooter without the handlebars.




A few years ago we got our son a Yamaha 50cc dirt bike, he liked it but didn't loooove it, however my wife was a beast on it lol, I think she rode it more then he did. One time I came home from work and heard someone doing laps in our back yard(big back yard)...not the boy but her with a big shit eatin' grin on her face, hilarious.

OP...get one for sure, cool moms are cool. Seeing my wife throw the football with our teenage son and actually enjoying it is awesome to me. Is it commen for a mom to do this at forty?...no...fuck commen I says.


The most important thing is to get the kind with the bigger wheels. Around 5 inches vs 3 inches <-- that's a rough guess on the size but I'm sure you can figure it out. The ones with the wood deck are nice.