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Birth control pills aiding in fat loss

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if birth control pills could aid in fat loss. I’ve taken them before with different effects. The first time I took them before bed and i gained weight, the second time I took them at about 3:00 pm and lost weight. Is there any time of day where it is hormonally optimal to take the pills? Could they be potential fat loss aids? Does anyone know if thier effectiveness would be inhibited a cycle of clenbutrol or MD-6? thanks

I’ve been on the pill for years and I have never experienced weight loss (or gain). I always take it in the morning though, so if you find out that changing the time of day helps let me know!!!

The only things that will inhibit the Pill’s effictiveness are antibiotics (one 10 day perscription negates the pill for the rest of your cycle, possibly longer, talk to your Dr.) and to a much lesser degree alcohol.

I had no bad reactions to MD-6 with the pill, except it did nothing but make me jittery and a bit freaky…and I lost no weight. That may just be me though.

There is one more thing that inhibits the birth control pill…I don’t wanna be gross about this, but diarrhea can cause the pill to pass undigested. Don’t believe me? Come to my house and help me change my baby boy’s diapers.

Were you taking the same type of pill in the afternoon as you were taking before bed. There are different types of birth control pills and different strengths. There could have been a reaction with another mediaction to change the effect. For example the commonly presribed siezure med Tegretol greatly decreases the effectiveness of birth control pills.

Ouch Daddy… Why would you be having sex while she has diarrhea anyways? Could have had another messy situation? lol Sorry, I really feel for ya bud. Good luck.

how could a female hormone(the birth control pills) possibly aid in fat loss? In large doses they re more likely to do the opposite really.

I would guess that Daddy was not having sex when she had diahreah, but if one or two pills ‘passed through’ then the entire month was shot. That is why skipping pills is so bad. You miss one and you need a backup method for a week. Depending on which part of the pill cycle you are in one or two missed pills can make the entire cycle ‘off’ (even if the pill is taken the next day) and there is no protection until the next cycle starts.

The Pill works by regulating the hormones involved with ovulation, there are very specific directions included with every pack of pills stating excatly what to do when you miss a pill. Sometimes you have to double up pills for a few days, sometimes you start a new pack. But one missed pill means you need a backup protection method, just in case!!

You made me interested in this possibility so I looked through my reference material and on the web. Most articles and my books said ‘the pill can cause weight loss or weight gain’…not exactly helpful. I also came across this positing:

The New England Journal of Medicine in 1995 (I don’t recall the month-either December or
January, I think) had a small article regarding oral estrogen and weight loss problems. It seems that estrogen taken by mouth causes the body to produce and hold onto large amounts of hard fat around the liver and stomach which is not seen in women WITH THE SAME BLOOD LEVELS OF ESTROGEN who were getting it transdermally (“the patch”). This has to do with some by-products produced by the liver as it tries to break down the hormone to be used from the

Here’s an interesing answer to a weight loss and pill question…by Kelly Shanahan, MD: “The progestin components of birth control pills have varying degrees of androgenic properties, which can contribute to increased
appetite and increased muscle mass, and subsequent weight loss. If you are susceptible to weight loss, ask your doctor for a pill with low androgenic activity. Two progestins with low androgenic activity are norgestimate and desogestrol.”

So i guess weight loss could be aided by taking a pill with high androgenic activity. I’m not sure which pills those are…