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Birth Control causing aches in knees for my gf

Hey guys, porch pooch here. Simple question, my gf is taking birth control and she says that whenever she is on it it causes bad aches in her knees. I can’t explain this so I’m asking you guys. What I’m looking for here is why this happens and more importantly how to make it stop without simply masking the symptoms. (don’t say use ibuprofen or something…) ok thanks guys, I’m going to do a search on this now but i doubt I will come up with anything. ~PorchDawg

I was right…i didn’t find anything on it. help please.

I can’t guess what’s making your GF’s joints ache but have you guys tried other methods of birth control? If this same thing happens “whenever she is on it” then maybe she shouldn’t be on it at all. I know my body cannot tolerate hormonal birth control, so I do a non-hormonal thing (and it’s OOOHHH so much simpler/neater/more effective). Perhaps she’s similar in not being able to tolerate it.

Maybe I should just go on 500mg of test per week…that’ll shut my shit down within a month or so. Healthier for both of us. Even better if I can get a perscription for it. We thought about both of us going in and demanding male birth control.

Well…no doc is going to perscribe 500mg a week…I’d have to go to other sources for that extra boost hehehe.

Dear lord, man, just use a condom. Works for me.

There’s a word for guys who think roids will cause them to be sterile: daddy.

This has been discussed to death on the drug forum and in T-mag. Hope you were kidding.

If I rember correctly birth control pills, can lead to calcium defiency. There is now a thread going on about calcium supplementation. Several of the posters commmented that they had achy joints, which were relieved by taking in more calcium.

Dawg: If you were even halfway serious about using test as some sort of birth control…geeesh. Anyway, try looking into IUDs. They’re nonhormonal, last from 2-10 years, maintenance free, mess free, side effect free (of course there’s extremely rare shit that can happen) and in no way at all hinder the spontenaity in the sack (or in the kitchen, or in the front seat of the car) that we all love.