Biros' Road to Leanness

Congrats on keeping up with it, the question is then, how are you doing against:

Or how much have these changed?

I’ve def lost a lot of BF. At the beginning I was around 300lbs ish, at the height was 310, I sit around 255 right now. My strength has been maintaining for a bit now, and since I beginning I’ve crushed all my PRs. I’ve def progressed a ton.

Right now my eating habits I’d say are 50% to be completely honest. It’s my sticking point right now. I need to be more disciplined but I’m working on it.

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That’s fantastic losing 55lbs and keeping it off and still managing to beat PRs!

Sounds like you’re still looking to go further, be encouraged, you know the drill and you’ve done it before and maintained it, more of the same!


hitting some legs today. Warming up on the bike, few sets of lighter leg ext, then onto squats

135 x 10
135 x 10
225 x 8
275 x 8
275 x 10 good sets here so far. Working on my form and going high reps.
295 x 5 idk.
One more set
295 x

Leg press
4 pps x

My shit died during my workout. Good leg day though


Big back and bicep day before thanksgiving tomorrow

Few warm up sets of lat pull downs before hitting pull ups

105 x 12
120 x 12
135 x 10

Pull ups shooting for a first set of 10 let’s get it
Narrow grip x 8 cpl short
Narrow grip x almost 9
Wide grip x 5

Bent over rows
135 x 8
225 x 10
275 x 6 1/2
275 x 6 1/2 quality over quantity today

Chest support rows
55s x 12
65s x 12
65s x 12

Close grip t rows and hammer curl supers
150 x 12 with good squeeze at the top
150 x 14
165 x 13

35s x 10

Preacher curls
70 x 12
70 x 10
85 x 9
70 x 8 or 10

Rear delt flys
100 x 12
100 x 10
100 x 10

Hammer strength rear delt
2 pps x 12
2 pps x 10


Glad to be back. Got some cardio in yesterday with some running. Hitting some chest today

Incline dbs
35s x 12
50s x 12
85s x 10
95s x 9 or 10
95s x 7

Good reps on incline

Flat dbs
85s x 10
110s x 10 good reps.form is solid
110s x 6
Drop to 95s for last set
95s x 11

Peck deck flys
115 x 15
130 x 12
130 x 10 or 11

Low cable flys real slow and squeezing
22.5 x 13
27.5 x 9
24 x 12

Dips and ABs
Dips x 9 these kill my shoulder. Moving on…

2 shoulder exercises then some cardio on the bike. Feels great to be back after the long weekend


Hitting some dead lifts today. Maybe throw some back in today, we’ll see how these go.
Warming up on the bike and then a cpl sets of light leg curls to warm up the hammys

135 x 12
135 x 8
225 x 1
315 x 2
365 x 405 x 8 good reps for sure
405 x 6
455 x 1

135 x 6
225 x 6
275 x 6
275 x 5 1/2

Leg curls
130 x 12
130 x 12
130 x 10

Cardio on the bike and some ab work. Good deadlift today after not hitting them last week.

Yesterday got a full day of cardio in. Got 35 mins in since I didn’t have too much time. Was good though because I want to throw that cardio day in on Wednesday to split up the week so my Thursday and Friday workouts don’t suffer. Past few weeks they haven’t been the best because of fatigue. Another thing I’ve started doing was drinking my shake before my workout instead of after. I usually don’t eat anything before, but have noticed that at least a shake gives me some energy.

Feel good today, hitting back and bis

Lat pull downs to warm up the back
105 x 12
120 x 12
135 x 12

Pull ups
Wide x 9 1/2
Wide x 5 3/4
Narrow x 6

Hammer curls & bent over rows

30s x 10
35s x 10
45s x 7 can’t find the 40 db that I want
35s x

Bent over rows
135 x 8
225 x 10 very good form, no swinging, just controlling the weight at the top and bottom.
275 x 6
225 x 14 1/2
245 x 11

Rope curls & lat pull downs, with ab sets inbetween

70 x 15
80 x 14
80 x 10
70 x 10

150 x 14 pushin this high sets let’s go
150 x 10
150 x 10 my Lats are giving out on that 9th and 10th one.

Rear delt flys
85 x 15

Finishing with some cardio on the bike. Really good workout today. Good intensity, lot of reps on the back. Some decent stuff for biceps but was back focused today.


Gunna get some chest and shoulders in today. Starting with db shoulder press

Db shoulder press
30s x 12
45s x 12
55s x 12
65s x 13
65s x 14z rep 13 and 14 were hard as fuck. Good sets here

Flat dbs press
50s x 12
85s x 12 or 14
85s x 8 each rep about 4 seconds. Phew

Db front raises
25s x 18
30s x 15
30s x 12
35s x 12

Db shrugs
85s x 14
95s x12
95s x 14

Peck deck flys with hard squeeze and pause at the top
115 x 11
115 x 11
130 x 9

Getting some cardio in on the elliptical and some ab sets before calling it a day.