Biros' Road to Leanness

You never “need” knee wraps, the whole point is that they allow you to lift more, but you also compete against other people in wraps. Whether or not you want to do that is up to you, but they aren’t a cure for knee pain either.

What kind of sleeves did you buy?

Aeolos 7mm, they were on the cheaper side (like 25$) but had good reviews on them.

Sunday-- happy father’s day to all the dad’s out there

Did Deadz today

1x5 385 2x5 405 finished with a 455 single. Not gunna lie 550 is in the very near future, like next week I think (wishful thinking right?!)

3x8-10 lat pull downs 135/150/165/150

Curls- 3x8 40s

Felt good today, dead lift wiped me out. 455 took everything I had after the other sets but still locked it out.

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Not gunna lie, ate some pizza today (it is father’s day after all) and I really wish I hadn’t. So bloated and my stomach’s actually aches…an this was from like 2 hours ago. Cravings sucks

Monday-- int. Chest day, my least favorite. I’m about to ditch flat bench for a bit and switch to flat DB and maybe BB incline. I honestly just don’t like it. Today felt super heavy…like my first couple reps surprised me. I’m also stalling on DB incline, usually doing the 95s after flat bench. But after 95 the DBs at my gym jump to 110s and the 120s (someone broke one of the 100s so there’s only 1). Which sucks because 95s work me but I think 110s will only be a couple reps, pretty big jump. Anyways

Flat bench - 2x5 285, 1x5 275 then 1x12 225
Incline DB - 3x8 95s
Close grip bench- 3x10 180 (Smythe)
Rear delt swings - 3x10 25s with pause at top
Weighted abs

Was still a good workout but it was a grind. I need to commit to more rest days during the week with cardio to give my body a break.

Technique looks a bit shaky and inconsistent but you’re hitting depth. Just keep working at it and make every rep look the same.

Small victories. And i could feel that each rep felt different. Practice makes perfect, thanks for input.

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Wednesday –

Deadlift- this how I warm up to 505. Got that, tried 515 but only got like 1/4 up. Got some work to do for 550!


Lat pull downs- 3x10 150
Hammer curls- 3x8 40s

Next week is gunna be a deload week.


Thursday –

Squats-- worked with 185 felt like a million reps jus really working on my technique. I’d rather use a lower weight and be doing things right then only focused on heavy weights and doing it wrong. (Ego checked)
I know I’ll have the strength to go right back up once I feel good about it.

Bunch of box squats with 185
Leg ext- 3x10-12 155 paused at top
Sitting calf machine- 90 each side 3x10 pause at top

I’ll be squatting twice a week as long as I have the time.


Flat DB press-110 3x8
DB shoulder press - 75 3x 8,7,8
Flys- 40 3x10
Calves-- 90 each side of Smythe 50 total
Weighted abs 50 total

Felt good today. tomorrow will be a cardio day. Yesterday was a rough day mentally. 2 year anny of my sister passing so I ordered Chinese and had 3 nips at like 9oclock.


Squats–was working with 225, bunch of reps lost count, just working on technique
Leg press one set
Back extensions one set
Leg curls one set

Light day today felt ok.


Had a quick session today

Squats -5x5 275 form starting to feel much better.
Lat pull downs- 135 3x10
Delt swings- 3x10 25/25/30

Strong stuff dude. We have the same goal right now of a 550 deadlift. Let’s get it

Hell yea man how close are you? We’ll be there soon broski

I havent maxed out in awhile, but the last time I maxed was around this time last year where I hit a very grindy 505. I’ll be maxing out (or close to it) at the end of this cycle in about 4 weeks. Im shooting for at least 535 (hopefully I’ll hit more than that).


Shit if you’ve been committed this year then u got that! Good luck bro

Monday-- started deload this week, just gunna do light stuff this week

Flat bench BB- 225 3x10
Incline DB-- 75 3x8-10
Close grip bench- smythe- 3x10 90 each side
Weighted abs
Seated calves 90 each side

Bench felt real good, easy. The incline DB felt heavy tho. Gunna keep it light this week and let my body recover


Deadlift–worked up to 3x5 405 1x5 315

405 moved real good

Lat pull downs- 3x10 150
Hammer curls- 3x6-8 35/40
Weighted abs


Squats – 315 3x5
Leg ext.- 3x10-12 130
Calves-- 3x10-15 180/180/270 (standing, pause at top 1 second)
Lat pull downs- 3x10 130
Rows-- 135- 3x10

Felt good after a full day of rest yesterday


Flat bench – 2x10 225
Incline DB-- 3x10 50s
Should DB press - 3x10 50s
Weighted abs

Went light and quick today…

On the plus side, weighing in at 272. I’m proud because 3 months ago I was at like 283-286 depending. Pretty good progress there! Can def tell my stomach’s has gotten smaller and my handles have. Have def put on a good amount of muscle too. Eating good, getting rest and working hard pays off.