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Birdys 1st Day at Yoga


I usually would post this in my training log, but as I am taking a break from the log at the moment I have decided to post this here...

Well today I decided to go to my 1st yoga class. And here is the story...

It was a warm Monday afternoon after work, where I decided I would go to a yoga class on a day which is usually my rest day.
I entered the gym, which is not my usual gym. I talked to the girl at the front who said I can have the first session free. I looked over at the entrance to the yoga room where people gathered at the door. They were all women. All of them. Each single one. All of them in yoga pants.

I had arrived 10 minutes early, so I had decided to sit on a bike while I waited for the class to start. As each minute passed I watched my hear rate increase. Not because I was cycling hard, but because I was about to enter a room of 20 yoga pants wearing females.

Anyway, we all walked in. The room was dark, lighted by candles. We all took our place. I was behind a hot brunette. The instructor looked at me and told me to take my shoes off. And then we started... breathe in, breathe out, downward dog, cobra strike, upward salution, left , right, tai chi hands, legs here, legs there...

I must say, I can see how this will do wonders for mobility. I will definately be returning next week.

Feel free to post your yoga stories here.



My wife is a yogi.

Yeah, cant really do much after downward dog....

But, it has opened up my hip and improved my squat, so cant complain.


Yoga is great for mobility, just don't push it too far and dislocate a hip or something LOL. Some yoga poses helped me tremendously with my back pain. Yoga is another tool in our toolbox, I guess.


Birdys 2nd day at yoga.

For those that dont know, for the next week or 2 I am trying different styles of yoga in the attempt to find something that will help me with my flexibility.

Today it was bikram yoga. This is done in a 40 degree room, so you start sweating within minutes you enter. I found it hard to get into many of the poses, and the excess sweat was kind of annoying. I agree with been "warm", but is it really neccassary to be drenched in sweat. The only advantage of this was more visible camel toes. Camel toes everywhere. I also found that there werent any poses that helped opening up the hips. There was lots of hamstring stretching.

Next I think I will try a more traditional form of yoga. Has anyone tried pilates? Is it effective for a stretch or is it just a bunch of girls holding their legs up in the air?



I did pilates with a world class teached at seminar I attended this past weekend. Unlike yoga (which is useful), pilates blows. Really blows. You could try it, but I was completely dissapointed by the constant breathe now, exhale now things. But you should give it a try in case you like it. I am known for not being open minded.


Yer, but even in yoga they did this weird breathing thing. The first exercise was to breathe and make this humming sound everytime you exhale, like a bee. The last exercise we had to do was to sit on our knees and breathe quickly "from the stomach". It looked like everyone was panting like dogs.

Saying all that, Im thinking about going back to try it again... even if its just for another perve. lol.



I've tried 5 or 6 types of yoga and find I like anasura the best. Lots of hip opening. Lots of camel toes. Beautiful. Similar to one of the articles Mark Furman had on here a while back. I absolutely hated pilates. Maybe ok for some body awareness but yoga seems superior so far.


Been doing Yoga on and off, since I got put down hard on a motorcycle about 25 years... Keeps pain manageable.

My SO does yoga, pilates, resistance training and LD cycling. Yoga builds one fine female form...


opening up the hips? have you tried froggy style.....


Thanks for the feedback friends.

Yesterday I did bikram yoga again(I have a free 10 day trial). Second time around and my poses were improving already. I might give it one or 2 more attempts.

Does anyone have any yoga dvds. It would be easier if I could juust turn on a dvd and do it at home infront of the TV. Been a yogi is not my goal, and this is something I would like to do once or twice a week. Dont want to spend too much time trying to get to yoga studios.




i thought you were training to be a world class soccer player.. i never hear workout stories, game stories, or how you are improving at soccer.

i seen your posts on bike riding, heart rate monitors, yoga, but never soccer..do you even play soccer????


Hi Mr spk,

Yes I am training to be a world class semi-pro soccer player. Its the off-season at the moment and Im recovering from a chronic adductor injury that was at its worse on the last game of the season.

So Im taking this break as an opportunity to give the groin a break. I have found riding my bike doesnt irritate the groin, and hence Im doing it to maintain fitness. The yoga is just my attempt to find something to help with my flexibility. And yes I know, I could just put aside 20 minutes a day to stretch, but I need something more structured such as a class. I find stretching boring and I get side tracked.

As for the football? Well you will be glad to hear that my log is about to start up again in a few weeks; "BIRD CAGE 2; AVIAR DREAMS". More videos, more pictures and more footballing action! Strap yourself in and get ready for one hell of a ride!!!!!