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Birds Xmas Challenge


Hi friends,

Well its that time of the year again, where you are reaching the ending stages of your latest program, and you are getting ready to unwind and enjoy the celebrations and festivities of Xmas.

Well before you do unwind, birdy has one more challenge for you... "Birds Xmas Challenge"!!

You must attempt the following for maximal amount of reps. You have 5 minutes rest between each exercise. Make sure you warm up before starting the challenge.

  1. Bench press body weight
    You are allowed to rest at the top for no longer than 5 seconds on 2 occasions. At 95kg I achieved 10 reps.

  2. Back squat body weight to parallel.
    You are allowed to rest for 5 seconds for 2 occasions again. I achieved 20 reps.

  3. Deadlift bodyweight.
    No Im not a fan of maximum rep deadlifts, so I advise to be careful on this one. I achieved 20, and most probably had 2-3 more reps in the tank, but Im just returning from injury and didnt want another.

  4. Pull-ups using the V neutral grip.
    From a full extended rest at the bottom to touching the bar on your chest. You do not require to carry any weight on this one. I achieved 14.

  5. Farmer walk 20m using half of your body weight.
    One 20 m walk counts as one. As I am 95kg, I was holding 2 dBs of 24kg. By now your wrists are cactus and your wrist strength determines your success in this. I acheived 4.

My total score of 68 is actually poor comapred to the others at my gym who took part in the challenge. Most t-nationers should be aiming for a score of 80-95.

Post your results here. Goodluck and merry xmas fockers.



If more than five people from this forum "compete" in your challenge the reward should be theBird can no longer use "tweet", "tweet" or any other variation at the base, middle or top of any post.


Ill agree with that, but Ill need videos for proof. You have go till Xmas midnight.





wonder if george best had a "tweet" in letters he wrote, or on autographs he signed...

that tweet is so gay...


is the farmers walk in your challenge accurate? half bodyweight? i walked a mile with half my bodyweight..


No offense intended toward the OP, but all of his #'s are really low. I've read his posts before though and understand he plays soccer so that pretty much explains it.


Yer my numbers are low.

I was hoping to get closer to 80. Although saying that, me and my fellow gym buddies concluded that this challenge probably suits those that weigh 70-80 kg. The more powerful contenders all finished on the bottom half of the score board. The guy that won weighs 65kg and did 45 squats(although I didnt witness this and I am questioning the valididity of the depth).

spk; after you have done maximum reps of deadlift and pull ups, your forearms are fried, and hence makes the farmer walk very difficult.



thats why i only got 1 mile.. i did deads and pullups first..i could have stopped in wallgreens and bought a few things i was so far away from my house doing the farmers walk..


So far zero videos, just complain'n?

Someone needs to think of the children?



How much do you weigh? If you can walk a mile carrying half your bodyweight in dBs, after doing max rep deadlifts and pull-ups, then you must have pop-eye forearms.