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Birds rehab delight

Hi little buddies,

Some days I like going to the gym just to do some corrective/rehab work. I am trying to come up with a program for my rehab days. Considering I have the occasional lower back problem, how does this look?

Agile 8 and foam roll
Glute activation drills
Band pull aparts
Birddogs and supermans
Face pulls
Rotator cuff work
One arm dB floor press
One arm dB press while kneeling one knee
Single leg RDLs
Back hyper extensions
Front and side planning
And maybe finish off with some ight stretching

I see myself doing 3 sets of 12 for most exercises. I will be doing this 1-2 times a week. Does this look like a good plan? Is there anything else you guys would suggest to add to my routine?


I would drop the supermans, I found they always seem to feel much more like they’re hitting my lower back than glutes (which is the opposite of what you want). I would drop the back extensions for the same reason (before someone says “Back extensions train hamstrings idiot!” I know that, just people with bad backs rarely have the MMC to be able to feel back raises in their hammies, it tends to be all erectors. IME, anyway…).

unless you have a shoulder problem that is currently giving you problems, I would think you could do a regular dumbell bench instead of the floor press. There’s nothing wrong with the floor press, I just think you might be selling yourself short a little.

I would only do the single leg RDLs if your back can’t handle the regular, two-legged version. If you can RDL properly then I would just do that. Be careful with your ROM on that one.

scapula wall slides would probably be a good addition, along with some thoracic extensions.