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Bird's Dodgy Ankle

Previous history:
Left ankle strained numerous times in the past 5 years. Anterior ankle spur and floating bone surgery performed in 2009.

Ankle seems to be sore/irritated after playing soccer. Pain is diffuse and mobility is reduced next morning. Bike riding and lifting does not effect it. Plantar fascia and knee to wall drills done almost every day to promote mobility. Previous x rays have shown posterior bone spurs on heel. I have taken the last 3 months of for a groin injury, so rest is not the answer.

What can I do to make my ankle more resilient? I already take fish oil and curcumin. I have noticed some soccer boots are better than others for ankle comfort. Would strapping my ankle be beneficial?


You took 3 months off
Did you jump right back into it?
Even if it was just a “light” seesion
Gradually work back into it
Emphasis Gradually
you’re not as young as you think you are, or where at one point

Thanks young n.

I took 3 months off due to a groin injury, and your probably right I jumped back into things a little bit too quick. I i think I should be ok though, aslong as I do lots of foam rolling and calf stretching and take the appropriate time off for recovery between session.

Im considering trying to use an ice bath once or twice a week after games/training to see if that helps my overall recovery.