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Birds Diet Relapse


Hi friends!

I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else...

About once or twice a week my diet plans relapse and I enter into a zombie like state of binging. For example today I woke up from a mid-afternoon nap and went directly to the pantry where I are a large packet of 'twisties', a whole pack of 'english muffins' and jam, some oreos and about a litre of orange juice. And this is only a few hours after I had a feast of steak and sausages.

Im not overly worried as my training at the moment involves plenty of cardio aswell as heavy ass weights, but I was wondering is there anything I can do to stop these zombie like states of binge eating?



First, just as a general comment, you are an idiot.

Second, "plenty of cardio" and "heavy ass weights." usually mutually exclusive, always lead to needing to eat a ton.

Third, post your diet. Smart money is on it being completely retarded, particularly given that you apparently have a pantry full of oreos and english muffins.



anyways i feel you this happened to me a lot while bulking. Waking up from naps i had the strongest urge to have sex and eat everything in sight mostly carbs.

this hasn't happened at all recently after dieting lately and raising carbs. i dunno if this has anything to do with it though.


Cheating on a diet is just a lack of willpower. It's nobody's fault but yours, and if you don't hold yourself accountable it will continue to happen.

If you're undereating for your training regimen and it's adding up and hurting recovery, go for a weekly clean refeed/carb up or something. But I'm sorry, I have no sympathy for diet failure. Especially when your"diet" allows sausages and steak.


Firstly, fuck you, twat.

Secondly, stop being such a dramatic bitch. Like with your 'Coffee Addiction' thread. Cunt.

Thirdly, the urge to binge when on a restrictive diet is common, especially at times of less than full consciousness. Basically you have to stick it out and try to remember why you're dieting until the craving passes.

Fourthly, fuck you.




Also, by "zombie-like state," do you mean that you just smoked a bunch of weed?


[no homo], but i am realliy curious as to how you look/how much muscle your holding. you should post a pic.


While true, sometimes your body really does pull the proverbial fast one on you.

I was PSMFing once, woke up in the middle of the night, and started pounding junk food before I really knew what hit me.

I think we all know those times when your brain says 'FEED MEEEEEEE' and then you have to talk it down.


'Why yes, we are hungry, aren't we? I understand that we haven't consumed any energetic nutrients in the past five days, but we have eaten enough protein to prevent catabolization of muscle tissue, fuel essential processes of the immune system and structural repair, and met our EFA needs, not to mention supplemented with the requisite vitamins and minerals. We have enough adipose tissue to survive for quite a long time at this rate, and we'd really like to lean up a bit. Sounds good yeah?'


Later on:


Happens to the best of us.


Lol. Yes, wanting to eat shitty food happens to everyone. I'm cutting now and I had a vivid dream about cheeseburgers a couple nights ago. Did I act on it? No. I ate an extra meal of steak/brown rice yesterday and got some extra nutrients in and kept it clean.

Taking a clean refeed vs cheating hard is the difference between waking up holding some water/ having an awesome workout due to the leverage boost/taking up better than ever the next day vs. setting yourself back half a week.





What flavour Twisties was it?


Thanks friends for your thoughtful replies.
Im thinking maybe I should prepare some emergency chilli beef with beans and vegetables in ready to microwave packets for times I enter the "zombie state". Easier said than done.

Birds typical diet;

oats with cinnamon and honey, 3 organic eggs on 1 piece of toast, short machiatto

I eat lunch, depending where I am, usually its meat such as chicken or salmon with rice or/and some salad. And some coconut water.

Protein bar, nuts, and sometimes a vegetable juice(beetroot and carrot). Some 85% dark chocolate if I feel the need for some "antioxidants"

Usually pre training meal consisting of jelly on toast and coffee.

Dinner, changes all the time, but I like to base it on a meat source such as steak/fish

If Im hungry Ill have a protein shake, and maybe a piece of fruit

Its on the weekend that I often find myself entering "zombie mode". I also allow an average of 3 beers for 3 nights of the week.

As for picture of myself I dont have any current ones around. I have posted in rate my physique previously, although I have lost about 5kgs since those pictures(on purpose). Once my groins are fully rehabilitated from an injury I will start my new training log; "Bird Cage 2; Aviar Dreams". Ill have videos, pictures and more details on my training and diet in there. Watch this space!



Chicken ofcourse. :wink:



In college for a while i was basically starving myself for a year. But once in a while i would get around junk food and i literally could not stop and i would destroy 1gal of ice cream or 3 dozen cookies and a pizza. Will power can only take you so far. But i would go 1month or so in between binges like that. 2 a week every week is ridiculous. I am doing RFL and this is the 7th day and i have not eaten more than 1100 cals in a day so far. Most days more like 800. I have lifted for 45min-1hr every day plus some low intensity walking/cardio for 30-40min everyday. No cheating or binging. Your mind can do some crazy things. You have a weak mind if you cant even make it through a week without cheating even with extremely low cals.


Really, basically this bro.


Why do you keep these items in your house?

I don't buy unhealthy stuff, period.


Holy shit, kid. 800 cals a day? Any noticable muscle loss, yet?



Only buy healthy things, or stop living with your mom/grandma lolz.

Or stop smoking, which really seems like the reason why you would find yourself in a "zombielike state" raping and pillaging the snack cabinet during diet time.


i'd venture to say the binge is related to the fact that you're not consuming enough good food on your "non binging days", thats what i've found is the issue for myself. Although its hard to tell by the diet you posted cuz its pretty general and lacks detail as far as macros.


Jelly on toast for a preworkout meal??