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Bird Flu?


Is anyone else worried about this possible bird flu epidemic??


I picture some little bird sitting on a tree limb with a red nose and a scarf around his neck...Just a visual I wanted to share.

Worried? No not at all...not even a tiny bit :slight_smile:


Much ado about nothing


I think it is possible that something bad can come out of this, just like it is possible that massive earthquakes can sink half of california or the canary islands can erupt and send a tidal wave across the atlantic wiping out the east coast of the americas.

Basically, if the shit does hit the fan, there isn't a damn thing anyone is going to do about it, though I have bought a few fresh cloves of garlic just in case.

Oh and on a side note I was talking to my friend the other day about this exact issue and he has Herpies. He takes that anti-viral medication and he said basically if a viral outbreak did happen he would likely be unnaffected by it and has enough medication for several months of protection. Now wouldn't that be a kick in the nuts if a massive viral pandemic did happen and only the basterds who screwed around and got herpes lived through it. I think i'm gonna go get me some herpes just in case.



Media is making this seem as bad as they possibly can. The more we panic, the more $$$ they make.


I'm not worried about it. All the media here are going nuts over the story, and there is talk of immunising the whole population of Great Britain.

I don't see a lot of point in worrying about something I can't control or affect in any way.


And vroom may make a valid point and take a stand, but I ain't waitin' around for it to happen


Anti-virals only do so much. Shit happens to everyone. Whatever.


I've only seen bits and pieces of stories about this, but are they saying it's crossing from one species to the next? I guess I have some reading to do.


not worried at all...In case no one noticed...there's ALWAYS something to worry about. A while ago it was SARS and before that it was West Nile...I haven't heard of hardly anything about either of those two this year.

BTW, the comment about Vroom was pretty damn funny.