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BiPhasic Sleeping and Fasting


I know this isn't truly supplements or nutrition, but more general health/life style.

I will be fasting for 30 days sunrise to sunset (religious observance), and was going to have my company approve a temporary work arrangement where I come in 6am to 2pm (8 hours, no lunch). During this month, I would sleep 11:30pm to 4am (4.5 hours), and again 3pm to 7pm (4 hours)(not truly biphasic, but maximizing overall hours).

This would allow me to drink coffee at 4a.m. with my meal (since ill be staying awake and not going back to sleep as I would on a 9am work schedule).

I'm hoping to get feedback/insight/thoughts as to biphasic sleeping, maybe even if someone has tried it with intermittent fasting, and just general thoughts from the T-community before I ask my employer (dont want to ask and a week in flop on my own plan because its too 'hard').

Appreciate your help (and am searching forums for similar topics now, feel free to post links and let me know im an idiot for not looking first).


Nothing constructive to say. But fuck that. Seems hardcore. Good luck


Why are you doing this? Just to work around the fasting?


Yeah the main goal is to work around the fasting the stay productive at work but more so avoid weight gain from eating at 4 and going back to sleep or being too tired to get a work out in at 9 once I break fast ( evening nap to help with that )


So sunrise to sunset (assume Ramadan?)
I’m sure many guys have done this before…anecdotally from my gym/area, muslim guys are well-represented. Why not ask some big muslim dudes in your gym what they do?
Ps don’t see why it should be more complicated than

  1. get priorities straight. You will not be a PR-machine at this time. Aim to maintain.
  2. be efficient. Do big, multi-joint movements to conserve energy, as you will likely train fasted.
  3. eat your macros between sunset and bedtime.
    Should be fine? Again, assuming Ramadan but from what I’ve heard it’s the no liquids part which is a bitch… Maybe avoid cardio/sweating as much as possible too? And look into leangains if you haven’t already, and apply those concepts here


Also, check out this article where John Berardi test-ran various forms of fasting. You can also google it, he wrote a short book, invaluable to help in this situation, now that I think of it. The article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/john_berardis_great_fasting_experiment


Thanks for the Berardi article link. Some good motivational points in there.

Main differences are no liquids and the fasting window coincides with the waking window ( unlike Berardi who eats 1 to 9 during his daily fast ). The nutritional aspect I feel more comfortable tackling …

It’s really the bi phasic sleeping I’m more worried about

Thanks for the responses !