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Biotin for Body Composition?


I've read that biotin aids in the metabolism of fats,protiens and carbohydrates. In my mind I instantly thought body composition. Am I mistaken? Has anyone ever supplemented with biotin to help improve their body composition?


I take biotin in a mix w/ ALCAR and R-ALA. Jonny Bowden is a big fan of it b/c it manages blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity... it also works synergistically with ALCAR to increase dopamine levels, and, in the words of Poliquin, is a team player in insuring that the enzymes that metabolize nutrients are in optimal supply.

So yes, it can definitely help, but you'll need to take a high dose of it, at least 8mg. I'm taking 12mg a day pre-workout.


Haha I knew I was on to somthing. By the way I have no idea what alcar or r-ala is but dont worry I am about to google that. Yeah I am taking 10 miligrams twice a day. I hope thats not too much. Really I am just looking for longer lasting erections....haha I joke. Anyways thanks for the reply.


NP, just make sure your nutrition is in check... taking biotin doesn't give you a free ride to eat like crap, hehe.


Well that goes without saying brother. One more thing did you notice a difference after taking biotin or is it just another one of things you take because you think it maybe possibly helping a tiny insubstantial amount. Which is exactly why I used to take micronized bcaas.


I can't say I feel anything from it... I only take it because it happens to be in the ALCAR/R-ALA supp I take. But the science is there (like Vit D, probiotics, etc), so that's good enough for me.