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Biotin and Teen Beard?


Hello people Im almost 17 6ft 180pounds and I want to grow a beard I have hair growing on my face but it's thin. Will biotin help me grow a beard? Like if I take 5mg a day? Maybe if I start taking it and don't shave for 2 months? Currently I shave my beard every two weeks...




my beard is natty, u jelly bro?


Teen Beard..


The only way to grow a beard faster is to shave more frequently. It's like muscles- you break them down, then build them back up. Carry a razor to school. None of this fancy five-blade stuff, a straight razor will do. Shave before school, at least three times during school, and a minimum of three times before bed.

Your diet should reflect this. Think about the hairiest group of people- it's people who live in colder climates, right? What do they eat? Soup, potatoes and red meat. So start eating that- stews especially.

A lot of people doubt its effectiveness, but I followed this protocol and look at my results. All natty.


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Did you actually do this?




My results speak for themselves.


Yes but for all I know you just developed the beard naturally, without "intervention"

What I'm trying to get at is, did you actually shave multiple times a day, even when your face had no facial hair? Did your skin get irritated?


Byukid's teen beard-growing method is good, but it's just one approach among several effective ones.

The opposite extreme from his High Frequency Training would be the HIT method, where you shave just once per day, 2-3x per week, but you make it one long, intense, all-out effort done to failure. By failure, I mean you keep moving that blade until you can no longer lift your hand.

When that happens, you get your shaving partner to assist so you can squeeze out a few forced reps. This method allegedly worked great for Mike Mentzer, and he seems to have a been a pretty hairy guy when he wasn't on stage posing.


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