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Biotest's T2


Hey all! I recently came into possession of 12 bottles of T2.... the formula contains 3,5 Diiodo L-Thyronine as its active ingredient. Anyone have experience with this? I am looking for any info you can offer.... does it work, was it discontinued for any particular reason,is it safe,etc..... Any info is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
(on a side note, I also have 12 bottles of Tiratricol..... anyone know how they compare?)


You lucky MF. I only have 5 bottles left. It works real well. Combine it real sparingly with HOT-ROX and you will burn fat.

The FDA ordered it off the market, because they were afraid some ass who doesn't belong in the genepool would take a handful and blow up their heart.

It's as potent as T3 but it doesn't suppress TSH to the same degree. It's not something to use continuously like HOT-ROX.


Where did you find T2? I don't think they have sold any of that stuff in at least 2 years. I think it worked okay, but the only way to know is to try it.


Thanks for the info guys..... anyone know whether T2 is safe to stack with a Norephedrine product?


I recently found some to.... but I am not saying where as I plan on buying their entire inventory :slight_smile:


T2 is an excellent supplement.

I don't think it was actually pulled off the market and made illegal or anything. The FDA was just having trouble with Thyroid products (perscription and supplement) and so just put pressure on those making T2 to quit.

It is definetely stackable with ephedrine and the current replacement. The ephedrine types work through different pathways than T2. However, it's not recommended to be used with HOT-ROX as HOT-ROX has a thryoid boosting effect and they may interfere. It's recommended that HOT-ROX be used post-cycle to help prevent thryoid suppression. Since you need 4-8 weeks off from T2 anyway, this makes sense. T2 isn't that suppressive, but if you take too much or for too long it is. Best to be safe.

The max dosage on T2 is 150 mcg, however 300 mcg is still pretty safe, and T2 has probably degraded to about 90% effectiveness now, so it may need a bit more to be effective. However, start at 50mcg and work your way up every 3-7 days adding 50mcg and seeing how you feel. I probably wouldn't go beyond 350mcg. 200-250 is pretty effective for me.

Also, it says to discontinue after 4 weeks, however it's probably okay to go as many as 6 before stopping, depending on the dosage. I'd be careful though. Probably be best to do a 4 week cycle of 200-250 mcg and assess effectiveness, and then for the next cycle experimenting a bit.

Depending on the condition of your thyroid and how your thyroid runs things, you'll get different results. The thyroid effects a lot of different parts of the body so there are a lot of things that can happen. It can increase metabolism, lipolysis, protein turnover, etc. Some people lose fat really fast, others it helps add muscle.

Hope that helps.


0h, and Tiratricol (T3) is of course effective. As far as comparisons the recommended dosage of Tiratricol is 3-4 mg and this is roughly 2-3 times more effective than the recommended dosage for T2 (150 mcg). So around 300-400 mcg of T2 would be as effective as 3-4 mg of Tiratricol.

But since they are different compounds, they're not exactly comparable, so be careful in assuming you can jump to that dosage or switch between products.


Can anyone tell me what you think the catabolic potential of T-2 is? Is it very prone to catabolizing muscle. I plan on using Methoxy-7 along with the T-2, just to be safe.




At the recommended dosage, as long as you keep your protein intake up (daily grams at least 70 - 80% of total body weight), and add in 2-3 grams of creatine daily, you shouldn't experience any catabolic effects. The Methoxy-7 will help with anti-catabolism, and might actually serve as a substitute for creatine, but only way to know for sure is to give it a shot.