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Biotest's New Myostatin Inhibitor

I heard from an “insider” that Biotest is going to launch their new myostatin inhibitor next week! (See The Myostatin Project article in new issue if you haven’t yet.) My source also told me that the lab tests show it’s highly effective, and that Tim is sparing no expense to rush the compound to market. Is this true? Has anybody heard anything about it?

I find it hard to believe that it would be that soon, but if so that would be awsome! You would think that it probably wouldnt be more than a couple of months if they are already giving us all this info. I cant wait to get started, and the sooner the better if its going to take place over a spread out amount of time. Let the pre-orders begin!

I believe Tim and Biotest are now calling it a Myostatin “Neutralizer” because they realize there isn’t a way to totally inhibit the myostatin gene with any compound(s). However, he did say if they managed to neutralize only 10% of the myostatin gene that it will still be very, very good. I for one do not think they would be launching their new product next week. Possibly taking pre-orders that Tim may announce in next week’s BTS but I still think another 2 months minimum for it to be released. I hope I’m wrong though!!

Bump! Hell yea bring this and Brock’s Antidote to the market.

From what I understand, Biotest won’t be ready for many more weeks now, but Pinnacle is currently selling a whey protein supplement with the same ‘myostatin neutralizer’ that Biotest will be selling.

As long as they create a top notch quality product i’m willing to wait as long as it takes (provided its not till I get old. lol) Tim Patterson, Brock and all the gang have been brilliant to this point. As long as they remain on this path of innovation and just plain old QUALITY then more power to them. I’m familiar with computers and thanks to these damned companies rushing their software to market its full of bugs and just plain bad programming. Never rush quality. Like a great Beethoven Symphony it takes time but always delivers rewards when unvieled.

Tell us more about brocks antidote.
What is it? what does it do?

This is for Chris, Bill or anyone who knows. Will using the new Pinnacle protein ‘Jucied Protein with Myozap’ yeild me the same results as the Biotest Myostatin Blocker? To answer about Brock’s Antidote read this weeks online issue and read Brock’s article.

I also saw Pinnacles new Myostatin product on their website. Since they developed it with Biotest, the compound must be ready and being manufactured. Probably just a matter of packaging and stocking up on it to sell it now.
Strange that Pinnalce decided to put the product in with it’s protien rather than sell it alone? Wonder how Biotest will be selling it… I think I’ll wait for the Biotest version to give it a shot.

I would guess that Biotest plans to release their new product soon, considering that Pinnacle has already released their version. Pinnacle’s website lists the active ingredient, Cystoseira canariensis. This extract is found in several different herbal products, albeit in low dosages. I also noticed that Pinnacle is releasing a product that seems very similar to Brock’s proposed Euphoria product.

From the sound of it, this myostatin neutralizer would have to be taken long term. It is not like a 2-week cycle type of a supplement. Whatever it is, it would have to be affordable enough to take over a year or so.

So the mystery discovery is cystoseira canariensis (Canary Island marine algae) ???
I have seen this substance in herbal dietary products and such.

yeah i saw the pinnacle myozap too… i wonder if it even has enough of the stuff to be worth while

could it be that pinnacle put this in their protein just because they sell next to zero protein. HAHAHA, now you are forced to buy their crappy whey to get the ingredient, that is until we can get the supplement here.

I think it was a poor choice for Pinnacle to bundle Myozap with a protein powder. This particular choice of a delivery system may prove suboptimal, and in any case, the market does not need another protein powder – least of all a whey protein like Juiced Protein.

‘Antidote’ looks like an antioxidant supplement. I am definitely interested in such a product.

I’ve also heard, from an industry-insider friend, that Biotest will have their product ready to sell by the end of the month. I sure hope so, cause I want to get my hands on some and don’t want to change from Grow! to another MRP or protein powder.

OK, my post was never posted so I will inquire on this post. I’m thinking that since this Myostatin inhibitor will need to be taken long term to see effects, it would make since to combine it with something else that is taken long term (ie. a meal replacement powder) such as the upcoming original Grow! Does anyone else think this is likely? I find it ironic that both are due for a release date any time now. That and since Pinnacle has their “Myozap” in a protein, wouldn’t it make sense for Biotest to do something similar since both companies are working together?

it would suck to have to buy grow to get the myostatin blocker-what if u r on alow carb diet or just dont like the taste of grow-plus how many shakes would u have to drink to get the right amount of the active ingredient???

I tend to agree with saxman. However, I would think absoption would be an issue if it is placed in a protein. Also, I think it would be a poor strategy to do that because it requires people to buy protein. What if they don’t want to? What if people want to do a low carb diet? If Biotests put it in a protein I would be astonished. In fact, I probably would decide against purchasing it.

i could be wrong… but doesnt the biotest version bind to the myostatin protein before it binds to the receptor? The pinnacle stuff binds to the receptor first… i think they are different… but together. .wouldnt they be better?