Biotest's M

Excuse the “newbie-ish” to steroids question, but could ‘M’ be used as a replacement for Clomid on a cycle of D-bol.

And morever, what are the real risks of gyno or hairloss on such a cycle?


I experimented with it and the answer is: Absolutely not.

As far as your other question about risks, if you have the genetic trait for male pattern balding, and you take dbol, this will accelerate the balding process. I you do not have balding in your genetic makeup you will not bald
If you take dbol without a proper antiestrogen or antagonist drug you will develope little titties!
I highly recomend you do not do a dbol only cycle as you will not be satisfied with the results, and I suggest you do a search to confirm everything I have just told you and learn more.

How long do you plan to do the d-bol. I let a a lot of people worry me about it on chat rooms. I then talked to about fifteen people personally and stopped worrying about losing hair on moderate cycles. everyone is different and people owe you that answer. I was freaking myself out over it. In the end, taking it was one of the best things I have ever done. I don’t, however, plan to live on the stuff. Read a lot, ask a lot of questions.

As far as the M question, I have no idea. Make sure you get good d-bol.


Actually, what I have is Methadrostenol, not Methandrostenolone, which I heard had less potential to aromatize. I only planeed on using it for a couple of weeks.

I’ve only taken two capsules so far. But since I don’t have Clomid or soemthing similar, I’m stopping. No harm done in taking just two, right? (gulp!)

Thanks for the information.

you need to do alot of research on this forum in the archives before you consider self administering any drug ever again! start with anything by bill roberts, cy or brock strasser then check out the newbie thread!