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Biotest's Economical Protein?


I have heard rumors about Biotest coming out with a more economical protein formula in addition to Metabolic Drive. Anyone know the truth behind this? If so, do we have any idea behind a release date?

I am asking because I am about ready to place a bulk order of 15-20 lbs. of whey isolate/concentrate (dont worry i mix it w/ Metabolic Drive and use the Metabolic Drive at night). So two part question: 1. can I expect a Biotest protein soon? 2. If not, where do you guys buy your bulk protein?


I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the bulk protein, those "rumors" can take years to finally materialize. Maybe someone on the inside can shed some light on it.

From the stuff I have heard about it, it sounded like someone mentioned the idea and TC said they would think about it.


1) Metabolic Drive is economic


2) I buy it right here on T-Nation. don't be a goddamned pussy. Shell out a couple extra dollars for the quality rather than choking down that bargain dog shit they sell at Walmart. (this was typed as I sip my spoon stirred Metabolic Drive shake mixed in water, and it is oh so smooth)


I'd like to see Metabolic Drive sold in a 10lb sack and Surge in a large tub like the ones Metabolid Drive is currently sold in.


We get all this great FREE information at this site, the least people can do is support Biotest. Grow/whatever is the best tasting and highest quality protein powder on the market. It's very economical when you consider what we get for the price. If you want to use a crap protein powder just save your money and buy more chicken instead.


In all honesty, how economical do you need it to be? I think people sometimes forget that a protein shake basically replaces a meal, for what? 50 cents maybe (I've never done that math, maybe it's less than that)...if you had to eat a meal instead, how much would that cost? Really, every time you have a shake you're probably actually saving yourself 5-10 bucks!


While that is certainly true, it's hard to buy a bunch of quality 2lbs containers when you can get a 10lbs bag of quality protein for significantly less. Would it hurt Biotest's margins much to sell in bulk?



T-Nation and Tim Patterson have turned us into a bunch of spoiled BITCHES!!!

10 years ago in the "Bill Phillips era," you paid 40 bucks for a can of overhyped, bullshit protein. Designer Whey was 35 bucks if you went on Super Tuesday. And after ten years of inflation, we now have a 26 dollar can of the highest quality protein you can get. They sell this product only through this site so they can cut out all middlemen and give us this price. And they're still not making very much off the protein sales.

I echo the sentiment of "don't be a pussy and buy the good stuff from this site." Anything you buy for cheaper than you can get here is total garbage.


Actually, buying protein powder as meal replacements is slightly more expensive than people think. Lets say for arguments sake, most people take in 400Kcal per meal, which is pretty darn reasonable. (more or less 4 scoops)

So, your getting roughly 8 "meals" per container. We'll say a can costs 30 bucks, once we include shipping. That equates roughly to $3.75 cents per meal.

Im not on anyones side, I have acutally yet to use Metabolic Drive. Lately, I use MuscleMilk or HDT ProBlend 55. Im in college, so cost is a big factor. Regardless, just like everyone has said, I think you get what you pay for.

For most of us, getting quality protein powder typically just means tightening some corners here and there. For some, we tighten our belts just to get a 20 dollar can of Whey. If you have the means,I think supporting a site like this is great, because you basically get EVERYTHING you need other than someone doing work for you to get in the best shape of your life.

To answer your question, I wouldnt hold out if you are waiting on Biotest. Even if they already had it formulated, it would be a while before they were ready to get it on the mass market and probably a while before T-Nation.com was set up to take orders for it.



I do believe that the proteins sold here are designed to cover most of your bases. Additionally, it's in very poor taste to come onto this site asking where to get someone else's products, wouldn't you agree? I bet that if you just stick to the Metabolic Drive and bust your ass during training, you'd pretty much be set.


I'm going to have to disagree with a lot of things that were said in this thread.

Some of the guys on this board are complete dipshits. Why can't some of you guys just give a straight answer without being critical of everyone's questions.

Yes Metabolic Drive is a bargain compared to other products in its class and also compared to it's former price. But it's not economical for everyone. That is why Biotest is coming out with a cheaper, lower quality protein.

It should be apparent by now that not everyone can afford to take the best supplements all of the time. As a college student I order Biotest stuff whnever I can afford it which is only a few times a year, the rest of the time I try to eat my best and take ON whey protein.

And yes Biotest gives us this forum and articles for free, but also remember that it is a marketing tool for them. If they hadn't had T-mag.com I would have probably never heard of Biotest, let alone ordered anything from them.


I think you missed the point of his question. He states that he does currently use Metabolic drive and supplements that with a bulk protein.

Don't everybody attack at once.

I am asking because I am about ready to place a bulk order of 15-20 lbs. of whey isolate/concentrate (dont worry i mix it w/ Metabolic Drive and use the Metabolic Drive at night).



I think this has been addressed several times before and the consensus from the "big guys" aka TC and Tim Patterson was that by cutting out the middle man and charging these prices, they are passing almost all of the savings onto us, the consumer. Therefore making a huge tub of the stuff wouldn't really save much more money, and for freshness sake it makes much more sense to open a 2lb tub once every 2 weeks than a 10lb tub once every 5 months.

In a nutshell, quit whining and buy the products, or don't. If you are hell bent on getting a gigantic sack-o-whey I wouldn't expect that you'd ever get it here, because the quality standards are too high.


Metabolic Drive is about as cheap as it can be, for what it is. You would hardly save anything buying it in bulk, ingredients only, from the manufacturer of the ingredients.

However Metabolic Drive is really the ants pants, so there is room for a cheaper form of protein from Biotest, still good quality, just not as sophisticated.

Would you save a lot? Maybe in the long run you'd save a bit. Some people are really struggling so it would help them out.

Also might be good to add as an ingredient in foods ... rather than adding the expensive stuff. I wouldn't cook up Met Drive, for example, even in pancakes. I'd rather use something a bit cheaper.

Biotest should bring out "flavourings+vitamins" ... so you buy your protein as plain flavour, then you add as much or little as you like of the flavouring. Then you don't have to go through an entire tub of the chocolate, for example. Then you can have bigger tubs and not get sick of the same flavour. And the flavours could have perhaps vitamins in them, or different profiles, perhaps dextrose etc.. so you can mix and match. I think that could be a winner. I realise some people are already mixing up flavours themselves.


The guy is just asking for a bulk discount on the protein... He is saying that he WANTS to buy it, but perhaps it could be cheaper... im 100% for that.


From those of us who remember when Low-Carb Grow! (Metabolic Drive) cost twice as much, we are getting a discount, a deep one.

Thank you T-Nation!


I agree, the guy is just asking a question. Personally, I am happy buying Metabolic Drive, but I understand that there are some people that would prefer to buy something cheaper and/or in bulk.


A serving of Metabolic Drive is one scoop, not 4. throw in other stuff like fruits/olive oil/nutts and such to get in extra calories.

I would like to see the bulk protein as well.