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Biotest's Creatine

Has anyone tried the Biotest German creatine? It seems reasonably priced 12.99 for what looks like 100 servings.

I don’t see it mentioned much on the site.

It is basic creatine monohydrate. 500g @ 5g per serving gives you 100 servings. It’s cheap and effective, well worth the 13 bucks.

It’s what I use in my Surge and works like creatine is supposed to.


It’s not mentioned much because there’s not really anything to say about creatine. It’s pure creatine monohydrate that does exactly the same thing any good creatine does for a very good price.

What makes it ‘German?’

[quote]Dirty_Bulk wrote:
What makes it ‘German?’[/quote]

The accent.

straight up cheap effective supplement.
it goes under the assumption that it works so there is no need to really dwell on any special properties

[quote]Dirty_Bulk wrote:
What makes it ‘German?’[/quote]

It’s produced by SKW Germany, the world’s leading authority on Creatine monohydrate.

yea but isn’t there water retention?

[quote]Vicomte wrote:
Dirty_Bulk wrote:
What makes it ‘German?’

The accent.[/quote]


Quote of the day.

Rattler. avatar. nice.

It doesnt get discussed much, because it really shouldnt have to be.

At this point, its like protein powder, you should just know that its gonna do you a favor to include it.

I’ve used it for quite some time, but I don’t notice a thing with it.

I’ve never been a responder to creatine in the 15 years I’ve tried it.

I’ve used various brands, various loading recommendations, etc. But I just don’t seem to get anything out of it.

But I’m using it because it’s cheap and it may be doing something I just don’t “feel” or notice. :wink: