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Biotest's best?

I’m thinking of using one of Biotest’s supplements, namely Mag 10, Myostat, or Methoxy 7. Just want to get some input on what’s considered “the best” by the board here. Please post your “best supplemenet” and your results with it. Thanks.

If you’re only going to get one, get Surge or low carb GROW!

What are your goals? Fat loss? Muscle gain? Sports performance? Please don’t say “I want to gain a lot of muscle and lose a lot of fat”. Extra points if you spell “lose” as “loose”. :slight_smile:

Surge is a great all around supplement. Mag-10 is great for when you’re looking to add muscle and MD6 is good when you’re dieting. Now, all this is assuming your diet and training programs are in order.

i too was wondering if it’d be worth it to use some methoxy-7 with MD6; obviously my goals are fat loss so i could get ripped like a mofo by summer. anyone used this combo (of course with a smart eating + a good routine)? is md6 alone enough as a fat loss supplement? ive used other supplements in the past (like xenadrine) and they just make me hyper…believe it or not, i can actually feel md6 doin stuff…thats why id be willing to buy more biotest stuff (i.e. methoxy7) if you guys think itd be a good idea

Surge is hands down the best supplement I have ever used. I rarely get sore even when starting a new routine and it tastes fantastic. I have not used Mag10 yet but that has received more positive feedback than anything else I’ve seen. Now comes Myostat, these Biotest guys are something else. I’m going after a new position at work to help pay for future purchases.