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Biotest's Answer to Superdrol


Come on guys slip us a little info. Is there something in the works? Am I even close? Ok, if the answer is no are there any plans to do a review of currently available legal gear (like Superdrol)out there and how it should be used properly? Are there any protocols recommended with M or Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, etc and Superdrol for example to do this right? Cy? Anyone?



Is it even worth it? Superdrol will probably get banned "Real Soon Now", so investing in developing and putting out a new product might not be a viable long term prospect.


I don't know, so far it seems to be doing fine. In any case, Biotest being the best and the brightest there's got to be a way (I really hope) to come up with something that would do what MAG-10 or Superdol can within current draconian laws.