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Biotests Alpha Male during-after dbol cycle

Im just finishing a short 4wk dbol cycle. My libibdo of course isn’t where I would like it to be. I was planning on using some Alpha male and M when I go off. My last cycle was Tren/Winny and of course the Tren shut me down good. I used Tribex and M after and I bounced back pretty quick. But, back to my question. What about using the Alpha Male during the cycle to maintain libido. Im not sure if Im gonna go back on the dbol or not because I feel like such a fat ass.(which is why I’m gonna go off.) I may try a winny only cycle in a month or so. Any suggestions?

I would use some 4adec to maintain libido during your cycle. It will increase gains during cycle too. Plus make your c#ck hard as a rock. Then use Alpha Male or Tribex with Redkat after cycle. You can use some M too if you want.