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I was wondering if there is an inexpensive way to get biotest supplements in Canada. The dealers that carry them seem to charge some pretty serious cash for any biotest stuff they have. Also a friend of mine ordered from the online store and the customs and shipping made the total really quite expensive for a student like my self. Any ideas???

Where in Canada are you? Im in Ontario and can get pretty much the whole line for reasonable pricing at a few different stores. Tribex is about $45 whereas if you bought online youd pay about $40 Cdn a bottle after the buy 2 get 1 free deal. Buying online from Canada you have to factor in FedEx ($20US) and tax at your door. Grow and Methoxy are $60, ZMA is $30 and MD6 is about $55. Look around, its out there.

Either that or do what me and a few friends of mine did with Androsol. Get a few friends together so that you can split the shipping and tax at your door between you. Our total was $22US shipping plus $90Cdn in tax above the cost of our products at our door. But split 4 ways its not bad at all.

I posed that question here a couple months ago in an email to T-Mag and they wrote back a few suggestions to me.The one I went to was www.heavyweights.net and they carry the Biotest line for good prices.The service has been pretty good and free shipping over $200. As far as the reg stores I just found they charged way too much. Good Luck no matter where you decide to purchase.
PS Thanks T-Mag staff for helping me out by the way.

Yeah, in ontario Chris, actually i go to McMaster in Hamilton.

I live in Japan, and have a similar problem in that some Biotest stuff is simply unavailable here. The solution? Have a friend or someone in the States send it to you. This involves a bit of a hassle, but in the end is actually cheaper than going through regular channels.

Small world. i just graduated in april from Mac. Try musclemag international on barton street near family fitness in the east end.

Has anyone got any good ways of getting Biotest stuff in England?

Go to renegadenutrition.com