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Now that all biotest products are so cheap, can you guys please start selling a ready-to-drink meal replacement.


Isn’t the same law student that didn’t believe the advice he was given a week ago? Isn’t this the same law student who didn’t want to take the time to read the package to learn how to use GROW and SURGE?

Not to flame you but you’re a law student so you shouldn’t be scared of a little thing called “effort”. Grow, as far as a I know is a perfectly good MRP. If you want it ready to go buy 2 plastic shakers for less thant $10 and set them up both at one time. Find a water fountain at school and bam.

But this whole asking for a MRP now that stuff is so cheap…sounds cheap.


Production, storage and transport of those “ready-to-drinks” causes them to degrade to something about as nutritious as watered-down skim milk (or worse).

You are MUCH better off nutritionally with putting some Protein Powder in a container, and adding water when you’re ready. Don’t waste your money on the “ready-mades”.


growinfast has apparently made a lot of friends on this board :wink:

Well fuck it. I will continue paying $4.25 for eas myoplex. I like biotest products because I want to support the website and I trust the name. The RTD market is hugh and it is expending. I know if biotest made an RTD, I would buy it by the truck load. Also, when my current MR runs out, I plan on buying some grow and surge. I clerk for a judge, so I can’t spend all day mixing protein powder. Anyways, when did you become the spokesman for biotest?

Growingfast, Dont cross too many of the Biotest pimps on this forum. Lots of the avid poster here push the products like it’s paying their bills. Don’t get me wrong…I love most of Biotests products, but I dont believe that all other company’s products are garbage.

“so I can’t spend all day mixing protein powder”

gimme a freaken break. i can make a protein shake faster than you can get the lid off of your rtd!

did you not read what mufasa said?

Mufasa had it right. Those ready to drink things are crap. I think Biotest does not make them for the same reason they don’t have 5lb tubs of Surge, quality and freshness. Most of the ready to drink things are loaded with preservatives, low quality ingredients, and corn syrup. You might as well go off and drink a caffiene free coke.

I want to see this race between growingfast and P-dog.  I think mixing a protien shake really fast could be a forgotten forearm exercise.

If you are serious about training and eating properly, spending 30 seconds to mix a protein shake really shouldn’t be that big a deal.

You could always get up 10 minutes early and mix up your shakes for the rest of the day, that’s what I do when I’m working.