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The problem is that you don’t know if we’re “ringers” or not. Heck, I could be one of the biotest staff.

As well, since your posts are modded before they’re posted, you should be suspicious, since if Biotest were unethical the could just weed out the bad.

The thing is to be very judgemental with your readings. For awhile, I suspected that there were ringers out there. Now I don’t. I’ve been here long enough that I believe most of what I read.

Do you think we’d stay if all our negative posts got deleted? Heck no. Why stay if 1/2 our posts don’t make it? Truth is, most of what we say is positive, 'cause it worked. Occassionally one of us will have a bad report, and they seem to make it through. For example. I liked Tribex. I didn’t like Methoxy.

Stick around for a bit. After awhile, you’ll get to know people. You’ll also start to suspect that we aren’t ringers.