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Biotest Whey Protein


Hey guys. I didn't even notice the release of this product until I stumbled upon in this evening. It looks pretty solid, but....

....I can't even remember the immense number of times that people here asked about whey proteins (some simply enquiring about whether it was good; some wanting to know if Biotest would ever make one) and there were so many responses which were something like: "whey is too quick, it's a waste of time...you must have our Metablic Drive protein with casein as it is much higher quality and slow acting..."

What's with the change of heart? I suppose also that now when people ask about whey they won't be flamed for being stupid enough to consider anything other than Metabolic Drive?


you may or may not have read the post by TC, but I'm pretty sure it states very clearly that they went ahead and made a quality economical whey protein for all the people who keep asking "which whey protein should I buy"

Lets face it, not everyone has a lot of expendable income every month for the sweetness that is Grow! and Metabolic Drive, yet they still want quality supps.

It was a smart, business move to offer a whey only protein. At an effective price of 1.8 cents per gram of protein (compared to 3.6 for Metabolic Drive), it's a pretty good deal.


HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, but I think calculating price per gram is funny as hell.


why? if you are iterested in protein (and not any other additional items in the product) compared protein to cost in some unit is the only way to go. compared cost to size isnt as effective as other additives can mess up the figures.


Do you get the same jollies when you go to the gas station and see their prices calculated by the gallon too?

What's so wrong about figuring out the unit price of a product?


Nothing at all. Its actually pretty effective, I'm just used to doing as price per serving.

And the only reason I laugh at the gas station is because of the prices. Then once I realize how insignificant 20 bucks of gas is, I cry.


I think Biotest realise this type of protein is by far the most popular type of protein on the market (and although there are several products, market share is dominated by one brand) and want to offer their consumers such a product. It's a win-win. Biotest fans can get more supps from here and Biotest now have an entry in the single largest supplement market.


Well, you should know that serving size is the biggest lie there is when it comes to food labeling. Seriously, how much is one serving of protein supposed to equal? 20 grams? 40 grams? One scoop? Two scoops?

You can only compare when you have a constant unit of measurement, be it grams or ounces.

Haha! I feel your pain there. I cry with each fill up too.


Dude... I didnt mean to get all riled up about this. I just thought it was funny.


I'm not riled. Since you found calculating price per gram so funny, I honestly couldn't tell whether or not you understood the difference between price per serving and price per unit and why you should choose the latter for an honest comparison.