Biotest Was Cool Before...

and now, they really kick ass!!

They are now sponsering a professional track cycling team, with their product Spike!

This is huge, for track cycling.


Speaking of being cool. I saw many Biotest Fahrenheit ads last night on the discovery channel.

This is such an applicable area for Spike. I like Power Drive as well for any type of competition.

I know many guys who spend 50-60 bucks on supplements to build up for their race. I just go with Power Drive and Spike and I’m all set.

I don’t know much about this sport. Anybody want to lay out the basics? Looks like bicycle sprinting maybe?

Thanks for the heads up. That is cool to see. Im no cyclist but I will be interested to see how this team does.

Maybe I can get sponsored for Long painting sessions or model drawing sessions with Power Drive and Spike. Sure as hell makes those long hour all the more creative and enjoyable.

That’s great! I think it’s great for Biotest to get out there in the public eye(though I like that it’s kind of “our little secret”). I think a lot of people come here, see the black backround, we talk about steroids, we think that scary gyms are cool, and get scared away. They fail to see what this place is really about.

This is great! I wish the team every success.

Damn - now this is cool!

While I don’t know a lot about the sport, I’ll sure be checking it out now.

Anyone know when their first race is?