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Biotest VS Test-Therapy

Biotest VS Test-therapy

Hey Guys,

Had some test done at the Doc?s and results have proven that I am in need of Test-therapy. To be honest I am 27yrs old and my test results came back lower than a 70year old man?s. I forget the units of measure but the number was 3.4

Since all the other men in my family are bald (some same age as me) and I still have my hair I do not want to risk the Test-therapy of hair loss & acne (which was bad as a kid) is there a Biotest-stack that would be worth my investment?

I know the Biotest products and their claims (and I trust them) I just wonder if anyone in my situation has seen a ?BEST? result form one more than another or by stacking and/or changing doses? Would love input from Biotest if they have time too.

Thanks all

Testesosterone replacement is meant to elevate your testosterone output artificially.
Biotest stacks are meant to elevate it more naturally.
I am not sure how much Biotest stacks elevate Testosterone levels and I’m pretty sure that every individual will respond differently. There was a study done by them a few years ago that examined the effects of the original TRIBEX-500 on cyclists if you want to get an idea. I don’t know where it is so maybe someone that feels like searching the site can find it.

Now theoretically if a Biotest stack worked as well as hormone replacement you would have the same side effects you are speaking of. Once testosterone is in your system it’s test (either free test or bound to SHBG). It can aromatize to estrogen, it can be converted to DHT (one of the main factors in hair loss).

The only difference I would imagine (Cy Wilson can answer this better than I) is that Biotest stacks will cause less, if any shutdown of your HPTA axis…so that if you were to stop taking them your natural testosterone levels would not plummet whereas they WILL once you stop the HRT.

By taking HRT you are putting exogenous hormone in your body. Since your body is getting it’s test from another source it no longer sees a need to produce it on it’s own, in fact your body think it’s advantageous to stop producing it to help maintain homeostasis and thus not be in a supra-physiological state.

I hope that helps.

Try some Alpha Male Mon-Fri and M on Sat-Sun. Works well for me.

Christ, how many people in even there 20’s are gonna show up with low test scores.

The 3.4 Im assuming you mean a 340. Normal is between 300-1000. But honestly, those numbers are skewed. 340 is pathetic for a 27 year old. Your number prolly shouldnt be any lower than 500 at the very least. However, your young, and young people respond better to herb based treatments better than someone 40+. Plus, I would give something else a shot before you go HRT, cause that shits for life bro. So Give Alpha Male a shot. I would take it every day, 6 caps a day, for 12 weeks, and then get retested and see how ya do. You could report your progress here as well.

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but what is the reason for the influx of young people in their 20s having low test?

[quote]Velvet Revolver wrote:

The 3.4 Im assuming you mean a 340. Normal is between 300-1000. But honestly, those numbers are skewed. 340 is pathetic for a 27 year old. [/quote]

No, the measurement was taken in Canada and we use different units: nanomoles/Litre, as opposed to ng/dL. The conversion rate looks like this:

Testosterone 1 ng/dL = 0.0347 nmol/L

So his result would translate roughly to 98 ng/dL.

I would go with the test therapy. Biotest products are good but they can’t replace medical treatment for low testosterone. They might help a bit, I would use them as an adjunct to test therapy if anything, but definitely not a replacement.

First off I am in Canada so it is correct that the units look as suggested:

Testosterone 1 ng/dL = 0.0347 nmol/L
Translate = 98 ng/dL.

I thank everyone for their suggestions, be-a-sured that I am taking each to heart and looking into every option. My preference would be an alternative to T-therapy since I am only 27 right now, but I might not have the choice.

Also for the recored I had the same test (free-test as well) done at age 24 and the results were the same, so it is an accurate result.

I would like to hear any and all other suggestions, and also comments about what the long term implications on my health are if I choose to just leave it untreated? (Beside the fact I have a hell of a time adding muscle to my body)

Thanks again everyone

I’d go with the therapy and then add on Alpha Male if you wanted to try and increase free test levels.

I agree with Bd. That’s also what I’m doing.


Are you in a similar situation as mine? How long have you been doing the T-Therapy & Alpha combo? How have you found it?