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Biotest vs Poliquin


Ive had a wholesale account with Poliquin for a while now, and have been giving those fuckers quite a bit of my hard earned.
I bought some Biotest ZMA a few days ago and have had PERFECT sleep each night since (something that Ive always had real trouble with).

No amount of Poliquin UberMag has had any effect on sleep quality for me, even after they quadrupled the amount of elemental magnesium per capsule. UberMag is a blend of 4 chelates (which I cant recall right now), and according to Poliquin and co, taking anything else is a waste of money.

Needless to say, my faith in them is shaken.
Not sure why Biotest ZMA is better (for sleep quality at least), but Ill most definitely be continuing with Biotest after this experience.
No Question here, I know, just thought it was worth sharing.



You do understand, of course, that they are not all that similar to each other?

Glad you found something that works.



Mate, I’ve been using Biotest products for years, and they have never failed me :slight_smile:

I’m in Australia too, so a few suggestions if I may…
Firstly, order only off of the USA site, not the ridiculously expensive Aussie one.
Order in bulk less frequently, up to $1000 Aus dollars (ex shipping) per order, to save on the brutal cost of shipping small frequent orders. I normally pay about $70-100AUS freight per order. Ordering up to six months personal supply won’t cause any triggering of GST as a ‘commercial quantity’.

DO NOT attempt to order HOT-ROX extreme or anything with yohimbine in it. It is banned in OZ. Alpha Male is fine however.
DO NOT order protein powders either, as unfortunately these wont get thru. Strangely, finibars and Metabolic Drive bars ok and will get thru.


The Biotest products have never let me down also. I loved their Spike capsules when they were first introduced. Now they have added yohimbine in them which I can not take in any amount. I would love to purchase them in a yohimbine free formula as long as they do not go over board with a lot of caffeine to make up for it. It may not be impossible for them but the demand may be in question. I may not be alone and hope one day Biotest could put this product up for sale. I loved carrying the capsules in work, this way I would take one on my way home and be sure I was ready to hit the workout as I arrived at the gym.


These are the only two companies that I go with (Biotest and Poliquin), over the years I believe them to be the real deal and would rather I put my money towards shit that I know works.


$60 dollars for 90 caps of curcumin is all I need to know about Poliquin products.


[quote]Hip Scar wrote:
$60 dollars for 90 caps of curcumin is all I need to know about Poliquin products.[/quote]
WOW thanks, that’s all i need to know too.