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Biotest vs EAS

I’m new to this site and the Biotest product line. I normally take EAS supplements and want to know how Biotest compares.

Been considering tring Tribulus Terrestris and heard Biotest makes a good product called Tribex-500 which actually works as claimed. I’m looking for some input on Tribex, is it the real deal or is it another supplement which falls short of advertised hype??

Biotest is miles ahead of EAS in terms of quality and being innovative. EAS seems to focus mostly on women now and rumors have it the quality isn’t what it used to be with their protein products. Tribex is great but what are your goals for using it? That would help us offer advice on what supps to take. By the way, even Muscle Media (EAS) wrote that Tribex is the best supplement of its kind on the market. For more info, read the article called “the supplement roundup” at T-mag. That’ll help you decide.

I was wanting to try Tribex for 2 reason. One was to see if the “testosterone boosting” effect would help in the weight room. I tried 1 cycle of andro (EAS brand) a few years ago when it first came out. I noticed no positive effects. All I noticed was a feeling of fatigue while on the stuff, so I placed andro in my worthless supplement catagory. I was reading some of the Biotest literature about andro products and discovered I was probably experiencing the andro side-effects from testosterone and estrogen imbalances. I know new and improved versions have come out, but I would like to stay away from the stuff altogether, plus I don’t want to worry about any possible estrogen side effects from these types of products. The Tribex sounded more like what I am looking for, test booster without decreasing natural production plus no elevated estrogen side effects. The second reason I was wanting to try Tribex is for a more unconventional purpose. It has to do with the increased sexual performance I’ve heard it delivers. From what I have read about Tribulus is it increases LH and FSH levels to increase testoterone. I have also heard that clomid elevates LH and FSH levels, which gives the added benefit of creating massive ejaculatory volumes due to the increase of FSH and it’s effect on the testicles. I have no idea if this is fact or fiction, just what I’ve heard and that all the porn studs are on clomid for that reason. I was wanting to try Tribex to see if I could get clomid results without the hassle of trying to find clomid without a prescription.

The second reason I talk about is actually the main reason for my intrest in tribex. I was hoping someone here could verify what I've heard about clomid and wether or not Tribex would help in that area. And it would be nice if Tribex works in the weight room, I could use a boost there too.

Hope you don’t find this distasteful, but I figured since this is a “hardcore” site not many would take offense (maybe just get a good laugh):slight_smile:

Richard: Here is what I’ve noticed taking Tribex-500 in reference to your queries: It most certainly helps in the weight, as far as strength, sustained power output, and energy goes. I’ve put a lot of mass on in the last few months thanks to taking Tribex (and some methoxy 7 and ZMA). It also increases my libido substantially, and I’ve noticed the following where that is concerned. Firmer erections (not that I’ve had a problem with that at 22, but still, I noticed), and definetly a higher volume of ejaculate. For my money, there isn’t a better supplement being made right now than Tribex-500. I work at a MuscleMag store, and could find about 25 others to back me up on this immediately, and countless others in this forum.

As far as Andro's go, yes EAS Andro-6 was and is (do they still make it?) complete crap. But you should give Biotest's Androsol a shot while it is still being produced, as I've heard nothing but fantastic results from it (yet to try it myself).

I have also heard the rumours of EAS diminishing quality control, and the store I work at actually stopped carrying EAS because of this.

Hope I helped.

Thanks for the input. Think I will try some Tribex. What is a good cycle? Read the Biotest info and said something like 3wks on and 3 off or take 5days a week (Is that 5 days in a row and two off or spread out?) What are some going prices? I order online from Nutrition Express and Tribex is $29.99. They have a $4 flat rate for shipping no matter the size of the order.

The only EAS product I continue to use is the Phosphagen creatine. I have drank so much myoplex over the past the thought of it makes me sick. Still experimenting with various MRP's for find something which is palatable. Sounds like EAS products have spiraled downhill just the same as musclemedia mag did when it changes direction from the hardcore no holds barred attitude of several years ago to the current mainstream "spandex, yuppie crowd". Must say I'm dissapointed in the direction the company has went. Guess they decided the mainstream crowd was a larger group and therefore more $ales to be made.

glad I found this site.

I usually do a 3 week cycle, and always take the same amount of time off that I was on. I’ve never heard of anyone taking it only 5 days a week, myself included. Take it 7 days a week and keep them nuts full! >:)

has anyone seen the EAS advantage soy products at k-mart& walmart or the 100% sugar kiddie drink piranha…IMO EAS is toast. ck it out --here are the links; http://www11.netrition.com/eas_ piranha_drink_page.html

http://bodiesintraining.com/fitness _nutrition_store/advantedge.htm

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