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Biotest Users In Australia?


Has anyone had any Biotest orders shipped to Australia? If so did they get through Customs or were they seized? Not worried so much about protein powders, but more on things like Spike and HOT-ROX. As I read these products were no longer available here.


id be interested to know about the HOT-ROX as i know it is a banned item, also does anyone know any stores in victoria that stock Biotest products?


I've seen Spike in stores around here, HOT-ROX cant come in due to the yohimbine or whatever, protein powders tend to get stopped by customs but then let through a day later (at least thats what happened with mine). Only done 1 order so far and was going to chuck some Spike into the next one so we'll see how it goes.


I bought Spike tabs off ebay and they came through. A guy at my gym bought HOT-ROX Extreme but customs would'nt allow and he got a written warning. I have still seen a few places around that still stock HOT-ROX but that is only in ACT.


what Spike are u talking about , Caffeine-Free Spike is not banned here...


Yeah, HOT-ROX is banned, but not Spike as far as I know.


Which stores was it in? (I'm in canberra)

I ordered ZMA, but it's not really surprising that it came through without any trouble.

I've seen Metabolic Drive around too.


I have purchase Alpha Male locally...in Melbourne


i get my supps from here which have a good range of Biotest products.... www.mrsupplement.com.au hope that helps


That site looks expensive. Try here instead:



yer i noticed that....they used to be considerbly lower for the Biotest range....damn


Have never tried ordering HOT-ROX cause of the yohimbe in it, but a few months back I ordered a rather large order of stuff - including Metabolic Drive, that got stopped by Customs because of the casein protein in it?? Long story short, Customs needed confirmation of where the protein was sourced from, didn't get it it time (fedex has a 1 week holding period) and they sent my order straight back to Biotest. End result? I paid about $270AUD in shipping for the round trip and got NOTHING :frowning: (just my refund for the products)

Not Biotest's fault by any means, aussie customs are just retards. Buyer beward basically.


Yeah, they held mine up for 48 hours or something but then let it through. Fuckers.


www.supplementcity.com.au is pretty good, it's not quite as cheap as ordering from the T-Nation website if you have a decent order but they stock most of the Biotest range. Store is located in Coorparoo for those of you in Brisbane.

I've just ordered my first batch from this site (with a mate for lower postage costs) and we're probably saving over $100. Should be arriving thursday!