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Biotest UK

A while back I discovered the site www.Biotest.co.uk, selling many of Biotest’s products. The site itself was a bit lame, and the products were very expensive compared to this site.
When I try the site now, I get forwarded to a page telling me that the domain name has expired.

Does anybody know if this site was owned by an affiliate of Biotest? I ordered from there once and got what I wanted, even though it was expensive. Does anybody have other means of getting Biotest products shipped to Norway?


What seems to be the problem with ordering from this site to Norway?

I’ve ordered here, and another icelandic guy I know, there didn’t seem to be any problem shipping to Iceland.

Well, earlier it wasn’t possible to order from this site to Norway, but I now see that it appears to be. The major obstacle however, is that it is illegal to import “medical substances” into Norway from outside the EU - and the Norwegian definition of “medical substances” include almost all supplements, even most protein powders. If the labelling on the package is neutral, there is however a decent chance that the customs does not pick it up.