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Biotest UK Site?


It claims to be Biotest but is it? I've checked the site and it looks real enough but in this world the reality is that bogus rip off companies can make a quick profit by selling counterfeit products. Are you a Mod or even Admin reading this? Can you verify that all the products they sell on this web site are official Biotest?



I think it's the real deal, I haven't bought anything from them yet, but I am scraping together some money to buy a bunch of stuff from them,
because I think they can give me a better shipping costs (to ship to Holland) then the official store.

What is the shipping rate for the T-Nation store to Holland?
Does anyone have experience with the british store?

And since I'm asking questions: Grow! Whey or Metabolic Drive Low Carb? I don't know which one to choose for a regular protein supp.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Why don't you guys email to service@Biotest.net

They can answer you questions.

EDIT: you questions ... and I can't even claim I was drunk


I will do that!
Thanks for the tip Peter!


Biotest UK is not directly related to Biotest. They simply resell their products.

In my experience (ordering to UK and Poland) ordering directly from here is significantly cheaper than from Biotest UK, at least with decent sized orders.

You can see what the shipping will be by creating an order through this website and following all the steps, except for confirming the order. Once you confirm it it's done, obviously, so you can't go back.

On top of that you have to add VAT and customs duty, which are different not just for every country but also vary depending on how the customs officers decide to classify the goods. So far in my experience it has been in the +20% to +35% range, on top of the cost of goods AND SHIPPING.



So as long as the goods are kosha for smaller orders it's cheaper ordering from within the UK.
Thanks for the replies.


I've just calculated an order and for an $89:98 order I will be paying $70 shipping. . . FUCK that! Plus a potential customs tax on top of tax after paying tax, TAX MORE TAX!


No point ordering that small. Before my first order I got 1 tub of Surge Workout Fuel from BiotestUK. Being VERY happy with the quality I decided to stick to Biotest and made my first "proper" order of about $800-$900. ANACONDA and MAG-10 add up quickly. I've never gone below $600 on an order (with the exception of Indigo-3G batch 1).

If you want to try out a single Biotest product for the first time, get it from BiotestUK. Once you decide you want to stick to it, make as big an order as you can afford - stock up for several months. If you know you are going to use up the goods, it will save you money in the long run. And if you want to test drive another product you can just throw it into your next big order.

In other words - if you get some of your staples from Biotest, it's only worth ordering from BiotestUK once, in my opinion.


Man over 100? for a bottle of Anaconda without shipping and almost 80? for a bottle of Mag-10.
It's 50? and 40? in here.

Biotest has to go more international.




For a tube of Anaconda shipped to France:

Biotest.co.uk : 160$
Biotest.com : 140$
Biotest.com + shipito.com: about 80$

So even if it's legit it's not very interesting.


See here http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/biotest_uk_1

This is your best option, I ordered the original ANACONDA Protocol a while back and it was almost £ 200 (thats POUNDS) cheaper to order from here than from within my own borders.

one day maybe...


Shipito.com seems ridiculously cheap. What's the catch?


Hold up, hold up. So by using shipito.com we can get cheap as hell international shipping. Anyone fancy going into more details on the customs/taxes side of things? Because this should surely be significant for everyone internationally..


Well on Shipito it's only for one bottle of A\naconda with aproximate Weight and size of the box.
It doesn't include any customs fees.
But i believe that if it's uner a 100$ now you don't have to pay.


shipito seems to charge through the nose if it gets heavy or a weird shape of package.

Customs charges depend on what is in the product: i.e. does it contain milk by products, stimulants, yadda yadda.


If I order today, how long would it take for the shipment to arrive at my house in Holland/Belgium?


Boys same deal over in Oz there is a Biotest Australia website which simply resells the Biotest products. It's alright if you need one or two things but the prices are some times close to 2.5 times what you pay on the offical T-Nation store.

Me and a few of my mates now get together and do a big Biotest order once every couple of months and split the shipping costs. We end up saving so much it is well worth it.


Ok so I bought a batch of stuff from the TNation store!
I bought if yesterday, so I was wondering how long it would take to be delivered to my house in Belgium?
I hope it is before the 1 of august because I will be going on vacation then!


My experience:
England - less than a week
Poland - two weeks, due to customs people sitting on their asses