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Biotest Through Customs?

hey. i have a mate who is flying over to see me in a few weeks. Colorado - N.Ireland and i was wondering would she get hassled or in trouble if she bought me some Biotest products and brought them with her?


I do not know about Ireland or taking it with you on a plane but I have never had any problems with importing any Biotest supplement into the Netherlands (fedex).

This includes Fish Oil, Protein Powder, Spike, Superfood, ZMA, HRX. I do not know about the test boosters.

The rules do vary between EU countries so your experience may be different

N.Ireland is in Britain.

i was thinking she would be fine by putting them in her bag that goes in the hold?

Not if she puts it in her suitcase and says it’s for her own use. Because it’s in her suitcase, it won’t even come up. Only if she gets randomly stopped at the other end

Make sure she walks through, “nothing to declare”.

Make sure she keeps invoices seperate, and doesn’t carry it in her hand luggage.


invoices seperate? wat u mean?

thats what i was thinking… since shes coming i was going to order some “heavy” stuff maybe.


If she does get randomly stopped by customs at the airport, and they find the invoices on her. She will not be able to prove that she is not selling on those products to someone else, so she’ll be required to pay duty and VAT on the items.

I know someone once who had to pay duty and VAT on some clothing he bought back from the states, because he didn’t take off the price tags after buying them.


well then im not really bothered about the invoice etc… wat if she doesnt carry the invoice with her? chucks it in the bin? and breaks the ceils on the bottles?

Tell her to post it to you before she comes over, that’s if you want it for your own records. If you don’t need it, BIN IT!

She’ll be fine. Just tell her to put the stuff in with her clothes in the suitcase. It’s not a big deal, nothing to worry about.


ok cool… and would it be a good idea to break the seals?

Not sure if that will be an issue. Leaved them sealed for your own sake to keep things fresh.


i thought that might lay more weight on the … “there for my use officer” claim…

i dont even no what to get yet… lol. she owes me $100 so i thought she could spend it there so i get more bang for my buck as opposed to just hand me £50 when she gets here.

[quote]thosebananas wrote:
i thought that might lay more weight on the … “there for my use officer” claim…

If they do stop her and say something along those lines, just tell her to break the seals in front of the customs officer, then he/she can no longer dispute that they’re not for her own use.

And they’ll still be fresh.


good shout…

cheers LR… any suggestions on what to try out?

Well I saw your training log, and from what I saw, HRX + Spike seems like good ones.

And most probably Surge Recovery.


got 3 bottles of HRX left. yea was thinking of some Spike tablets. and one of the powders. dont no which one yet thou… lol.


i brought 400$ worth of supplements through customs from US to australia and they actually opened my suitcase and saw them all and still let me go through.

All countries customs laws are different, and sometimes they just have a quota to fill or something.

I think it’s pot luck most of the time.