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Biotest: the Lost Flavors


It's been years since we've seen root beer or vanilla Surge, or orange Metabolic Drive. Will these ever return?

I can't think of a single new product that would make me go instantly buy it like I would a new flavor on your protein or PWO mix. They are easily the best in the industry in texture and flavor, but even steak gets tiring when you have it everyday.


I miss the old Surge Recovery original formula. The new one has a weird taste, but not enough for me to stop buying it.


I don't believe this are coming back....I think close to a year ago they had a "getting rid of flavors" sale (I think only a select group got the link). So unless a massive demand comes for them, I think they are gone forever. Personally I don't care for root beer Surge, orange wasn't bad for MD flavor though. I think I still have a few bottles of each in my stash.


those peanut butter Grow! bars were amazing too


Yeah they announced they were getting rid of them, although I seem to remember it was so they could "make room for other flavors" and or products... I think they were just not selling well enough and were taking up room on the shelves.


I actually the lemon ones they had when they first went into making protein bars...not sure why since I don't really like lemons, but those tasted yummy.


wtf.. they got rid of the original flavored Surge?
That was my favorite tasting protein powder ever :frowning:


No... Its still there, they got rid of the Vanilla flavor, which was quite awful in my opinion. I dont know how you mess up a Vanilla flavor powder when you are allowed copious amounts of sugar, but I didnt care for that flavor at all.

The Peanut Butter Grow! Bars were awesome as well, Apparently they also didnt warrant the shelf space to keep in stock. I loved them though.


What do you guys think they should make?

I think they should bring back orange, and introduce new chocolate mint and peanut butter. Nothing on the market right now is actually minty, the closest is ON whey, but that's thin and clumps. If you could make a peanut butter flavor without the extra fat and carbs of real peanut butter, you'd have a winner for sure.

And for Surge, bring back root beer, introduce watermelon or maybe cherry.

With such an incredible variety of supplements, perhaps it's time to return to the core product that's good for everybody!


They didn't get rid of it, but when they reformulated Surge, the taste slightly.


I have one last tub of Root Beer Surge, I've been keeping it for a special occasion. I'd give my left arm to be able to order it again.


I think maybe people are referring to the fact that the original formula has changed and so has the taste. I noticed this also and definitely preferred the older one. But I am now acclimated to the newer one so all is well. :slightly_smiling:



I would love to see a peanut butter or chocolate/peanut butter Metabolic Drive protein bar. Sucks only having 2 flavors to choose from.


Has anyone tried Strawberry Low-Carb Metabolic Drive lately? It's nasty. I received an order about a week ago and I thought the batch went bad. I called into customer service and they said they changed the formulation/taste. I can't drink it anymore. It's disappointing since I liked the old taste so much.


I've had the opposite happen and can't believe how good the new strawberry flavor is.

The original one was ok, but the new one rocks.


Stop talking about the peanut butter Grow! bars!

La la la I can't hear you la la la


Yeah, the original wasn't bad, but I've always found it hard to stray from chocolate and vanilla for fruit flavored shakes in general.

Looks like it may be time for another go-round.



Also, I would like to see a Metabolic Drive Low-Carb chocolate peanut butter flavor as well.


I wouldn't want your left arm, but I have two bottles of root beer Surge unopened with the exp date sometime next year if you are interested.