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Biotest T2 and Cytomel

Has anyone used both Biotest’s T2 and Cytomel, and if so what were the results? Did you use them at the same time or different times, and how do they compare? Also what is a good dosage schedule for Cytomel? I’m worried about Thyroid suppression, is there anyway to naturally bring the Thyroid back up to normal levels after a cycle of Cytomel? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m a bit new to Thyroid stimulants. Thanks in advance…

You can use T2-Pro to come off of T2 or Cytomel. www.biotestedge.com has more info on Pro.

Thanks for the website addy, but it didn’t really answer any of my questions. Also, has anyone used T2 and MD6 together, and in what dosages? Thanks again!