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Biotest/T-Nation Shakers?


Ok, so Biotest makes all of my favorite supplements, so I don't have to order from anywhere else. Now, I think it's time to offer something that we can actually mix our protein in. First of all, most shaker containers are entirely too small, only holding around 24 ounces. They also leak because their gaskets suck. It would be awesome if Biotest could make a better shaker container, like one that could hold a full quart and never leak. Anyone else?


BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And add something to stir everything up. A trustworthy battery power stirer, for example.


I feel your frustration when it comes to cups that leak and I could also go for a cup that was a little bigger. Please don't hate me for this but I went to GNC to pick something up for my wife, while I was there I asked the guy at the counter if there were any new mixing cup out that didn't leak. He replied with yes have you seen the BLENDER BOTTLE.

Needles to say I walked out with two of then and only paid about $12 for the both of them. The cup does not have a seal that can break or fall out or not seal right, it also has a stringer ball that kind of looks like the end of a beater as the mixer. I have had no problems with leaks and my shakes have never been that well mixed in any other mixer cup.


A nice Biotest pill carrier would be cool too. I mean, the Spike bullets are nice, but I'd need a lot of them to carry all my BCAAs to the gym.


If they sell those somewhere other than GNC I might be interested.

I'd rather mix protein powder into a puddle on the ground and then sip it with a straw than go into GNC to buy anything ever again...


The best thing for mixing is this mesh-type screen dealie that the bodybuilding.com site has. However, the shaker leaks like a bastid if you're not careful.

But the screen dealie mixes things perfectly AND allows you to use crushed ice, which I'm a big fan of.


I bought 4 of those from the internet and they are great. I am about to order 4 more. You can never have enough shaker bottles. ESpecially ONES that DONT LEAK!


Yeah, I used to use those. Leaks a lot. I've been using Vitamin Shoppe's BodyTech shaker. I dunno if it's an exclusive, but it has a better design and it doesn't leak. If Biotest ever decides to make a shaker, they oughta to look into theirs.


Yeah. (I'm still hoping for the hats too.)


I mentioned that gadget a year ago here, and was laughed at, like the person had no idea of what I was talking about. I have two mixers like that and they blend any protein perfectly.


Yea I bought one awhile ago and DAMNNN those things rock! Best bottle I've used yet. No leakages and mixes very well. But I must admit, having a T-Nation bottle would be cool.


And maybe some kind of special inner liner so the damn things are easier to clean, and won't hold the stink of leftover protein that's been sitting in a hot vehicle for days...


I use the Vitamin Shoppe ones too. They are pretty inexpensive and I haven't had any problems with the two that I own.


a T-Nation bottle would be pretty cool


try the name of the bottle.com you might find something you like


I use a Biotest shaker everyday


I got a big 32 oz. shaker from Netrition a while back and love it. It has the mesh screen and a little rubber gasket so it doesn't leak. But if you lose that gasket, you're screwed. Fortunately, the gasket was still hanging on a wire in the dish washing machine, so I could reinstall it. Don't lose the gasket!

It would be cool to have one with a T-Nation logo on it. Also, a BMF T-Nation water bottle with a handle and made from non-carcinogenic plastics would be cool too.


The screens suck and are hard to clean.


I want some T-Nation underwear.